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The shamans say that we are dreaming our world into being every moment by our focus of attention, our feelings, our thoughts and beliefs, our unconscious myths, and deep and old energetic patterns and influences. To change our reality and the world we live in, we must shift all of these layers of our being, to create an unfettered and deliberate waking dream that is a match to our desired experiences, our goals, our destiny.

This site and Jon’s work are dedicated to helping and empowering you and your organization to make these necessary shifts in the simplest, quickest, most efficient, and most effective ways possible.


Press & Media Engagement

Jon actively collaborates with high profile clients working toward positive change, as well as with other great healers and organizations.

Read his instructive article published by the iconic Bodhi Tree community titled Using Shamanic Energy Medicine to Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul.

Watch a local TV interview about Shamanism and Jon's work.

Watch Jon facilitate connection and healing with the spirit world on the A&E network series The Lowe Files.


Read the incredible testimonials of others who have experienced the power of shamanic work with Jon.

Private Sessions

There are many ways that we can work together. I offer a variety of approaches tailored to your unique and individual needs.  Sessions over Skype and phone are equally powerful to in-person sessions.

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Group Sessions

My work with groups and organizations clears out old patterns and calls in the ideal destiny that the group desires.  It is powerful work that cutting edge organizations are now tapping into.

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Ceremonies & Rites

Ceremonies are about marking a transition. As a trained shaman, I am available to perform Fire Ceremonies, Birth Ceremonies, Weddings, Rites of Passage and Death Rites.  With you, I can design a ceremony to suit whatever your wants or dreams are.

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YouTube Channel

Watch Jon's inspirational and informative videos with useful tools, journeys, lectures, sessions, and ceremonies in Peru with his Q'ero teachers.