Women Uniting to Empower the Feminine


As you may know by now, my entire life’s work as a shaman, and that of my Q’ero teachers is to heal humanity and the world by aiding the return of the powerful Feminine. I offer the following book and movie recommendations and my commentary on them as important parts of bringing the most important discussion of our time to the mainstream.

I just saw the movie Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  It was brilliant, powerful, moving, and timely. A must see to further the fundamental discussion of how we can really transform the world.  Among much thought and feeling provoking elements, to me it speaks of the true love and friendship women would have with each other in a more ideal world.  As part of the upside down masculine world, the feminine has been turned against herself — the old divide and conquer.  But in a right-side up world, the feminine and women are in charge and united, and the masculine and men would have to have the courage to serve when called upon and be unconditionally supportive.

My wife asked the great question after the movie, “You see the way women suffer, but how do men suffer if at all?”  The answer came that in a truly functional world where women are in charge and united it wouldn’t contain the kind of suffering that has become the norm.  In that world, men would be back in their place as essentially servant and support to women or simply out of the way.  The majority of suffering then under that scenario might just be the men who are not chosen by the women and simply sent off.  Woman would be whole and in their power in and of themselves and would never require a man to complete them or make them feel important, or loved, and would also therefore never have to feel in competition with other women.  Instead they would be in loving relationships of sisterhood such as the Laotung represented in the movie.  And the love woman would share with man, would be completely on the woman’s terms,  timing, and in the form she desires.  And the man would feel respectful, honored, fortunate, and made whole by the opportunity to love such a woman.

The book TORN: True Stories of Modern Motherhood, by Samantha Parent Walravens brings to the forefront the most important discussion of our time – what it is to be a woman and a mother in the return to a truly functional world, after millennia of male dominated, female suppressed and divided dysfunctionality.  This is no longer about women stepping into the shoes of men, instead it is about the fundamental return of a woman, or feminine, that is eminently more powerful, intelligent, and creative than any man has ever been.  And when that woman is no longer torn, but instead allows the feminine mother to dominate the masculine and call the shots, then the world has a chance to truly change for the better.  This book is the launching pad for the return of the powerful feminine in and around all of us.

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