What is the Revolution known as the Return of the Feminine, How is it happening, and What can you do?

Modern humanity is in the middle of a significant shift or revolution that has been spoken of in every relevant prophecy on the planet over the last several thousand years. I will focus on just one of these world prophecies for the purpose of this article.  The Q’ero medicine people of Peru, a people who in their isolation have remained untouched by modernity, call this time the Pachakuti.   The word in their Quechua language means “world turned over”, and they are referring to the worldviews that shape our experiences and way of life on Earth.  These worldviews or mythologies, which become deeply held beliefs, inform our experiences in an even more powerful way than our thoughts do as for example in the placebo effect and law of attraction techniques.  At this time, the Pachakuti is referring to turning the world right side-up once again where humanity will revert to a set of worldviews or mythologies and way of life that lead us back to a time of relative peace, health, and sustainability while maintaining the vibrant complexity of our modern lives.  They call the time on the other side of this revolution a Millennium of Gold.

For the Q’ero, the first Pachakuti happened to them around 500 years ago, when the Conquistadors brought the worldview set forth in the book of Genesis. What made the biblical story of origin so revolutionary to the Q’ero and virtually all other people on the planet as it spread, was that it was literally opposite or upside-down compared to the stories of origin and life that they had held and observed for tens of thousands of years.  Namely, that the Mother Earth produces all that we need to enjoy the drama of life in a very unconditional manner, and that the Feminine gives birth to all, and is essentially “in charge”, and this Creation is ongoing and participatory.  In their story, the Masculine plays a supporting role, like the Father Sun that shines heat and light on the Earth unconditionally, to allow Creation to become increasingly complex and therefore continually engaging.  In the relationship of man and woman, this translates to woman giving birth to man, woman being in charge of life’s major decisions, and man being of service to woman.  And it means that within each individual, the Feminine aspects are served by the Masculine aspects, as noted in the work of Iain McGilchrist where he shows that the left brain is meant to be the emissary or servant of the right brain.  It may be helpful to define the Feminine and Masculine at this point.

Let’s start by dispelling the common misconceptions around it.  The Feminine is not weak, frail, helpless, dependent, or delicate.  On the contrary the true Feminine is powerful like the Oceans, Volcanoes, and Jungles.  Its the wild and untamable Mother Nature, that can give you the sweetest flowers, or swallow up and entire city with one eruption.  She can turn waste into fertile ground, create new land, and support the ever expanding and evolving forms of life and experiences. She mulches our wastes and gives us food and energy in return without condition.  Nature and Creation is based on the Feminine giving birth to, and manifesting ever-changing form, experience, and drama.  The Feminine is the Garden of Eden, the Mother, the stones, the plants, the cellular organisms, the reptiles, the animals, the bodies of man and woman, the right side of the brain, Gaia, and the great Void from which it all came forth.

The true and natural Masculine is the warm sunlight that unconditionally serves and supports the Feminine’s wild creativity.  It is also the spark, the fire, life force, and both calculating and self-reflective thought.  In a sustainable and healthy creative process the Masculine courageously serves the Feminine, which is truly in charge. This is evident in the volcano creating new land, or the jungle spreading and creating fertile ground for the creation of new species.  A fearful and wounded Masculine seeks to control the volcano, cut down the rainforest, and suppress the Feminine traits in women and men.  This is the Masculine that has been forcing its dominance for centuries now, suppressing the Feminine in many ways, and experiencing the manifestation of this unhealthy relationship.  As part of this revolution, the fearful Masculine will no longer be able to maintain this dominance, but will ultimately heal and learn that life is much better for him in the proper relationship with the Feminine.

In is important to make clear that this discussion is not limited to the roles of women and men, but from the entirely broad perspective of the more archetypical characteristics that define the Feminine and Masculine and how they are contained in both genders as well as all of Nature.  As an example of the broader perspective, hierarchical and institutionalized religion, science, and technology are constructs of the Masculine.  And I can show that this form of religion tends to suppress the Feminine, science seeks to study and understand the Feminine, and technology seeks to manipulate, enhance, or replace the Feminine. These attempts of the fearful Masculine, as impressive as they are to itself ‘the ego’ seem feeble compared to the infinitely brilliant, wild, creative, and untamable Feminine.

In men and woman, the Feminine is primarily the body, heart, gut, and soul, and the Masculine is the left brain. In many ways, the Feminine is considered more knowledgeable and wise than the Masculine.  The Feminine is the emotional IQ, the feelings, the intuition, and the heart. The Masculine is the mind seeking to understand and be consoled, and in its ideal state receives and sends nerve impulses that serve the body, heart, and soul, and fulfill the creative impulse of the Feminine. The Masculine can hold and serve up information when necessary.   But information is simply knowing that water is H2O, while knowledge is being able to make it rain, and wisdom is knowing whether or not it is good to make it rain right now or not. The ability to make it rain takes place within the body and emotions, which is like the engine that propels a boat, or our asking forward, while the mind is the rudder that is steered into position.

The truly sustainable and healthy balance of Feminine and Masculine is driven by the wisdom of the heart and body, and served by the capabilities of the left side of the brain and brawn.  A truly healthy balance of the two within us and all around us would be about 80% Feminine, and 20% Masculine in my estimation (not 50/50). Creation would have the Feminine mostly in charge and making the big decisions, running the societies, commerce, schools, families, and virtually everything. The truly courageous Masculine would be able to serve the Feminine in that capacity with great respect, and accept his place whether called upon to serve or not.

Clearly over the last several thousand years for some areas and cultures and over the last 500 years for the majority of world cultures, the roles of Masculine and Feminine have been reversed with disastrous consequences.  My guess is that the less than courageous masculine men who could no longer handle being of service to the wild, unpredictable, and untamable feminine women, or were cast out completely, developed schemes to divide and conquer the women and thus gain undue capability to get what they otherwise would not.  Consider the possibility that those men concocted stories, claimed them to be told by the Creator “Himself” so as to be irrefutable, and developed marketing organizations and armies that would ensure that this story would become the widely accepted or forced-upon de facto truth of all those that have bought into it consciously or unconsciously.

This may have happened in various parts of the world, but the one most notable and impactful, the book of Genesis, has formed the basis of the three major world religions and numerous offshoots.  It is very antagonistic towards the Feminine, and women.  At the risk of oversimplifying such a big story, I will describe it in a nutshell.  Let me be clear, that this is not an attack on the wisdom, benevolence, beliefs, and traditions of the entirety of religious and spiritual texts and the various mythologies, religions, and spiritual traditions of the world, but simply an analysis of one theory of how the Feminine may have lost it’s rightful dominance.  There are some religions and spiritual traditions today who are supportive of the Return of the Feminine.

The very basic elements of the story, in its current edited form, say that God created everything and then created Man in his image. Then Man gave birth to Woman from one of his ribs, and Man maintained dominion over the whole Garden of this Creation, including Woman, all of it meant to serve the Man and God.  Then Woman in her wild and irrational nature was convinced by the serpent, the animal closest to the Earth and most revered by natural humans to be representative of self-healing, to taste the fruit of knowledge and power that God had told her not to taste. It happens that virtually every culture on the planet at the time considered knowledge and personal power to be a good thing, just like we still do today.  But just to make Woman look even worse, she completely tricked and tempted Man to go against God’s rule as well, and taste the fruit.  Therefore, it was entirely woman’s fault that they would be kicked out of the original beautiful and abundant Garden of Creation and cursed to live in a harsh world of thorns and thistles and a lot of hard work to ever get anything they needed or wanted.  Now people could point to this “Word of God” to suppress, condemn, control, and even burn at the stake women and turn them against each other.  And in fact all things Feminine including Nature, became the harsh enemy of Man, or if successful in his conquest, one form or another of reluctant slave or servant to Him.

This story, as with most mythologies, was spread so effectively across the globe, that eventually it wasn’t even necessary to read it or hear about it, as it became woven into the majority of human consciousness.  And like the hundred-monkey effect, the fear-based warrior-Masculine zeitgeist became a strong influence on how most men treated women, or more accurately how the Masculine has attempted to control the Feminine in all ways.  There are so many examples of how this plays out including how it has changed the form and function of our brain.  For example, making a calculated decision that serves a short-term and limited goal, instead of a compassionate decision that serves a long-term and broader goal.  Look at the way most of today’s profit-driven industries and markets are run to see evidence of this. One corporation that has recently begun to shift publicly to embrace the more Feminine approach of social responsibility in business is Starbucks.  Their founder and CEO recently articulated this on CNBC.

Another example is the rampant cutting down of rainforests to put in tidy plantations or cattle farms, and keep communities protected from Nature.  And the most obvious and far reaching example is Woman’s rights across the globe, other than the few remaining matriarchal societies, from where in 300 AD the Council of Trent took 22 days of deliberation to determine whether or not woman could be recognized as having souls, all the way to today where even the most advanced of the upside-down societies still don’t give woman equal pay and opportunity. Look at disease in the body, and environmental issues.  These are all a result of the Universe providing evidence (ask and it is given) to support the upside down story or mythology that the Feminine is bad, and Mother Nature is out to get us (thorns and thistles).  The warrior Masculine sends armies out to fight epic wars over limited resources or religion, because they don’t know how, or choose not to live in cooperation with each other and nature in a sustainable manner – something women know how to do, and choose to do by their inherent natural knowledge, wisdom, nurturing, and compassion. And it doesn’t help that in the story, Creation was finished on the sixth day, so nothing you can do but hoard what there is of it before somebody else gets it.

Another form of the warrior Masculine dominating the Feminine can be found in the Institutionalized suppression of the meek. Since the first Pachakuti, this has been highly valued as a sign of strength and success, and the answer has been that if you don’t like it, then just do whatever you can to become one of us, in other words, if you don’t like being suppressed, then become the suppressor.  For example, if you are a woman working for a company in just about any industry, and you don’t like being treated as a second-class citizen, then fight your way to the top, and take over as the warrior-Masculine in charge.  Or if you are working hard in the lower ranks of the company, but aren’t paid enough, again, do whatever it takes to become an executive. This is what I believe is behind the latest protests that started as the name Occupy Wall Street. They are trying to bring greater awareness and change to a society where the underlying premise is that if you don’t like being part of the 99%, then do whatever it takes to become the 1%.  The supporters of such a system are failing to see that all 7 billion humans can’t and wouldn’t necessarily want to become the 1%.  Additionally, whatever the 1% can do to support a more thriving 99% will ultimately benefit everybody, including their own deeply held goals for the kind of world and life they want to experience.

The days of the fearful warrior Masculine dominated story are coming to a close to the benefit of all.  Every legitimate prophecy speaks of this time.  Prophets have come to teach and lead and have attempted to show a way back to the original Garden of Creation, the Return of the Feminine into its place of power, value, and true balance. A Millennium of Gold, or A Thousand Years of Peace would follow this. The warrior-Masculine has done everything it can to discredit and persecute those leaders, or twist their teachings to support its agenda and rule.  There is still an active “Office of the Inquisition” in Peru, run by the same order that burned Joan of Arc at the stake among countless others. Recently, fourteen shamans in the Peruvian Amazon were murdered in the name of religion.

It is important to make the distinction as well that the ultimate solution is not about women becoming masters of the “man’s” game, but instead women throwing out the unsustainable, unhealthy, and war-like “man’s” game altogether, and replacing it with a truly powerful, sustainable, healthy, wise, and powerful woman’s approach.  Yes, this is nothing short of revolutionary. The deal here is that we can be ahead of this revolution, and with some guts and a lot of healing work and re-organization, have it be more of a graceful and peaceful revolution.  Or, we can do it the hard way and wait for the all-powerful Mother Nature and Feminine to just force the warrior-Masculine into submission and do our best to pick up the pieces when it’s over.

So as you look around yourself and at the news, recognize all that is happening in the context of this overriding correction or re-balancing known as the Return of the Feminine.  You will see some warrior-Masculine men, women, and organizations with the courage to embrace this return and make the necessary changes with grace and respect. And you will see some warrior-Masculine men, women, and organizations desperately trying to hold on to the dying paradigm, kicking and screaming, taking their ball with them, and even willing to destroy the playing field on their way out.  All this while trying to convince all who might listen and be influenced that it’s in their best interest to stay the course and keep the warrior-Masculine in charge.  It is also very important to take the approach of soothing, educating, and healing this fearful Masculine, as opposed to engaging in an way that justifies the worldview that feels unsafe to him.

Our work as Shamans, Healers, Teachers, Parents, and Leaders is to exemplify and be available with our gifts to those who choose courage and grace over fear and obstinacy, and be unattached to how it all unfolds. Start with your personal journey of healing, empowerment, and freedom from the myths and stories of the past to return to the natural balance of the Feminine and Masculine within.  And make that a part of the way you walk in the world and make daily decisions.  And if you are in a position of leadership, then favor those decisions that empower others to come into balance.  We can trace every significant problem in the world to the suppression of the Feminine.  Therefore, the return of the Feminine is the essential foundation of any and all solutions.

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