"We are Doing Well" – The New Leadership

We are in a particularly powerful time for you to make a quantum leap in your abilities related to your soul, your psyche, and your brain. Shamans recognize that these leaps don’t just happen between generations, which is easy to witness with many of our children today, but that it is also possible within the current generations.  Having just returned from a small private trip to Peru, I was able to ask our Q’ero elder shamans how modern humanity is really doing relative to their prophecy of the Pachakuti – Return of the Feminine (see my blogs on the subject).  Their answer was that we are doing well – that we are going to make it more the easy way than the hard way.  And I am seeing evidence of that all around and in my work with clients.

I have recently seen several of what we would call world leaders, and those on their way, and they are in fact of the level of consciousness and balance that we have been asking and hoping for. They are us. The future looks very bright, notwithstanding a little more kicking and screaming and fits and starts over the next year or two from the old paradigm die-hards, bless their hearts and hold space for them because it is just coming from unfounded fears.  Now continues to be the time to keep up with the work I have laid out in my book Dreaming Your World Into Being, as well as my CDs and session work.  We will continue to experience the miracles that my Q’ero lineage have always accepted as the norm, so do stay tuned.

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