Video: You are a Master of Balance if you Just Stay Fluid

Shaman Jon Rasmussen summarizes the Fall Equinox talk and journey on being a master of balance

The Fall Equinox event tonight at Luminata Gifts and Books in Monterey was a beautiful gathering, talk, and journey. Normally Jon has a video recording of the event available, but this time no sound was recorded. So in it’s place is a short video summary, and below are the highlights of the teachings that came through.
The key points were this:
• Real balance is achieved when we stay in motion. Including adapting and fluid physical, mental, emotional, worldviews, and energy aspects of our being.
• Everything in nature is constantly moving, nothing is static, so if you remain rigid, then your balance will always be thrown off, as you are pushed and pulled without adjusting.
• Even time is fluid in that it expands and contracts.
• Allow your schedule and practices to be flexible.
• Allow your beliefs to be flexible.
• Allow your worldviews, knowledge, and wisdom to remain open, adaptable, and flexible.
• Allow your energy body, and physical body to keep moving so that it can stay in harmony with the constantly moving earth and Source.
• Know that the balance point itself is shifting from side to side on the scale and doesn’t have to be 50/50.
• In life you can increase the amount of sweetness, light, joy, and pleasure to 80 or 90 percent to balance any pain, darkness, and sadness.
• And when it just becomes too difficult to balance, you can grab onto the safety line of unity consciousness for a moment, until you regain your strength and equipoise.
• When you journey or meditate, allow yourself to sway and move, and use your breath to blow and help you focus when maintaining your balance is particularly difficult.

Hosted by Luminata Gifts and Books in Monterey, CA


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