Video: Walk and Talk – The Ideal and In the Meantime

Shaman Jon Rasmussen shares his insight on the difference between where humanity is and where it is trying to get to, and why it requires certain actions in the meantime. This applies to both the individual’s life and journey, and all of humanity’s journey.

While we work towards and dream our ideal life and work into being, we have to recognize that our worldview and actions still need to be grounded in the current reality.  This applies to an individual’s healing journey as well as all of humanity and the world.  So while we fully expect to be free and healed beings capable of choosing the most loving, kind, harmonious, sustainable, and healthy actions for ourselves and all of the world, in the meantime we still have to live with, respond to, and protect ourselves and others from the actions and results coming from fear-driven and unhealthy choices.  There is a most efficient and effective set of choices balance and allow for both the ideal and the wounded to coexist in the meantime.

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