Video: Shaman Jon Rasmussen Discusses Q’ero Shamanism and Prophecies, Peru May 2013

Shaman Jon discusses who the Q’ero Shamans are and why they came out of 500 years of isolation at this time to help restore wholeness and balance to humanity

This talk was given to a group of clients traveling with Shaman Jon to Peru in May 2013 at the home of long-time friend and fellow shaman Porfirio Sequeiros (Chino) in Ollyantaytambo Peru. This is a beautiful summery of the importance of Q’ero shamanism as taught by the Four Winds Society all over the world at this critical and prophesied juncture in human evolution.



2 thoughts on “Video: Shaman Jon Rasmussen Discusses Q’ero Shamanism and Prophecies, Peru May 2013”

  1. Dear Jon,

    I see there is a lot of money involved in your shaman business. Honestly, I do stumble over this. A real shaman is silent. You are strongly connected the material. I adore people who work in the back, who don’t appear spectacular.

    I am sad that there are not many real ones to get mother earth out of trouble. I guess she will do it herself and not a man.

    May be I do you wrong but that is how you, Fourwinds society and also Alberto appear in my eyes. I am generally annoyed about people making a business in that spiritual area. Albert Schweitzer, Mutter Theresa where authentic in their work.

    My way to less ego: I teach Yoga for everybody on donation. And earn my living in Kindergarden. My monthly salary covers one course offered by Fouwindsociety (1650 €). Women do not need Luxury travel with italian sheets to Chile! We need support for a real change which is not connected to money in the first place. We need strong, honest men who stand by our side.

    Well, I guess you might take this personally and to be honest: it is meant like this.
    (I loved the way you painted your shaman drum! I find you a very friendly person)

    Ines (from Germany)

    1. Thank you Ines. I think it is an important subject to learn from, so I will respond with my own experience, but nothing personal taken at all. I think it is helpful to offer as much clarity to this as possible for all the shamans who may stumble over this.

      I agree with you in many ways, and most of my life, until a couple of years ago, worked both my day job and my shaman work amounting to roughly 90+ hours per week, 7 days per week, and still stuggled to make ends meet where I am called to be working. Only recently, some friends have created my website, videos, and travel for me so I could struggle less and be more available to all the different kinds of people that can use this healing, including those who prefer Italian sheets :).

      I still charge by sliding scale, taking donations as simple as a stone or nothing at all, never letting money get in the way of offering the work. It would be very difficult for me to reach the business leaders, politicians, doctors, social works, students, teachers, healers, and other highly influencial people of all types to help change the world if I was still working a full-time job. I’m hoping from all the people I am able to reach with my work, and whom I would never turn down including unemployed and homeless, that the world will turn right side up, return of the Feminine, as quickly as possible. I’m fortunate as well to inspire many real shamans who don’t know it yet, to get the training and do the work so as you say there more to get mother earth out of trouble (sooner than later, more gracefully then not…hopefully).

      All the real shamans I know of in this world at this time, and many in the past, do not sit silently in a corner waiting for people to notice. Real shamans know that there is no seperation of spirit and material (that came from the same religious myth that made masculine exulted and feminine worthless), so don’t waste energy on that inner conflict. I long for the day that the shamans are valued again to the degree that the whole village knows who they are and make sure they are supported enough to live and give their greatest gifts to the village. I am extremely fortunate and greatful, that at age 50 now I am just able to pay my rent based on doing the work I really came here to do.

      I appreciate all ways of looking at it. Real and well-trained shamans , for whom I give the greatest credit to the Four Winds (much of the money going to good causes, and I won’t judge anyone there or anywhere), including the Q’ero don’t care whether or not they are in the back or made to look spectacular, they just show up and do the work when called. Again, I am so grateful to be called as much as I am, and I love referring clients to my colleagues as well. If or when I stopped being called, or the work dries up, I will happily get a day job again, or just fade away.

      Namaste and Love,

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