Video: Receiving the Gifts of Spirit – Solstice Talk and Shamanic Journey

Shaman Jon Rasmussen shares a talk and journey on how we can journey to receive gifts of healing, wisdom, vision and inspiration to bring back to share with our community

At the end of the year, a full set of seasons and cycles, we have an opportunity to contemplate and journey on the gifts that we received in the latest dramas of our lives. During the longest night of the year – the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – shamans, prophets, magi, seers, healers, earthkeepers, visionaries and wisdom keepers of all traditions took the opportunity to journey and recieve the gifts of Spirit in order to share them with the community.

During this talk and journey celebrating the 2018 Winter Solstice at Luminata Books and Gifts in Monterey, CA, Shaman Jon joins a group of fellow travelers to explore this timeless ceremony of journeying through altered state to fully receive the gifts from the worlds of Spirit.

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