Video: Profound and Quotable Wisdom Teachings of the Healer, Teacher, and Shaman

Shaman Jon shares the deep wisdom teachings of true shamanic training, based on the third step, or North work, of the Four Winds Society Healing the Lightbody School and the Q’ero tradition.

Shaman Jon shares the most important and often elusive wisdom teachings for the shaman, healer, and teacher, and those who receive their work. The true and completely trained shaman and client are able to master the practices known as Invisibility, Keeping Secrets Even From Yourself, and Mastery of Time and Perception. Jon is accompanied by butterflies, crows, turkey, and deer, as he shares some of their medicine. There are many great quotes in this video.
Butterfly is shapeshifting, transformation, doing the impossible, drinking the nectar of life, unconditionally giving and receiving the greatest gifts.
Crow is creating with the playfulness and magic of God.
Turkey is manifesting your vision into the grounded reality of life.
Deer is being gentle on yourself while keeping your power to follow your own guidance.

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