Video: More Than a Healing – Becoming a Master of Your Reality

Shaman Jon gives and update on his upcoming surgery, and shares the lesson that the true task of the shaman and the client is to go beyond healing old wounds to becoming the master of telling the story that ensures that no more wounding will occur going forward.

As Qero Shaman Don Manual Quispe said, we are not hear just to grow corn, but to grow Gods. The final step to complete wholeness and healing, is to achieve the freedom and power to choose the inner and outer story or narration and perception of any event in such a way that it cannot take your power or wound you ever again, but instead creates life experiences that are far preferable – that can contain joy, love, ease, peace, and harmony under any circumstances.

This is the ultimate mastery that is our birth-right, and the ultimate goal of any healing. Perceptual choice, mental toughness, and attitude of gratitude.

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