Video: Healing, Transformation, and Prophecies of Fire and Light – Summer Solstice Talk and Journey

Each Solstice and Equinox, Shaman Jon leads a group in discussion and ceremony at his local bookstore. This is from the Summer Solstice of 2015. The Healing and Transforming Power of Fire and Light.

In summer the sun reaches its zenith in the annual cycle. Dynamic solar energy blesses the northern hemisphere and bathes us in an amplification of life force. Nature is at its most vibrant. The sun is the source of life and light that vitalizes this planet and all life upon it. The solar fire is a symbol of the radiance of spirit, the source of transformation and the catalyst for the evolutionary impulse of the soul.

Jon Rasmussen will give a talk on the subject of the transforming power of fire and the the related Q’ero prophecies of this time. He will look at actual fire and its cleansing power, as well as fire as a symbol of the eternal spirit — the source of love and wisdom that guides us from within. Afterwards he will lead us in a shamanic ritual and guided journey, helping participants contact and expand the inner transforming light and fire of spirit.

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