Video: Fear Not with Shaman Jon

In a conversation with good friend and mentor Al Ballabio, Shaman Jon shares the key factor to the intensity of current events and how they are affecting a large part of humanity. The answer to the rampant spread of fear is thinking and acting on courage and love.

Shaman Jon Rasmussen shares insights on fear and using mental toughness, courage, and love to overcome forces that would prefer you think and act from a place of fear.


Make two columns on a piece of paper, one titled Fear, and one titled Love.  In any decision that you are making or planning to act on, determine which thoughts about it go under the fear column and which go under the love column. Example: Should I change jobs?  Thought 1: If I leave this job, I may not be able to get back into the industry – this goes under the Fear column.  Thought 2: If I leave this job, I open up the possibility to do what I am really good at and enjoy doing – this goes under the Love column.

Now choose only the decisions that you have placed under the Love column for your long-term benefit and the benefit of all of humanity; and have faith that you are supported by the forces of Nature, both physical and non-physical.  And remember that you are eternal, which means “you have a lot more ahead of you than behind you, and you will never get it done, and you can’t get it wrong” – Abraham-Hicks.

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