Video: Dean Taraborelli on His Journey and Shamanism in Addiction Recovery and Healing

Shaman Jon Rasmussen has the privilege to present This interview of Dean Taraborelli, Founder of The Sanctuary at Sedona, a center for addiction recovery and healing that is based upon the only fully comprehensive approach. To be recovered from:

Alcohol and Drug Addictions
Any kind of Substance Abuse
Life Crisis / Mid-life Crisis
Trauma and PTSD
Dysfunctional Relationships
Stress, Anger, and Anxiety
Depression, Codependency, and Burnout

Radical Transformation: A Non 12-Step Approach to Addiction Recovery

For more information on Dean and the center visit:

This comprehensive interview illuminates the importance of shamanism for the treatment of all forms of addiction and life crises.

It was filmed in Joshua Tree California during the Four Wind’s Healing the Lightbody School training in 2007 along with several interviews of students, teachers, and clients that are published in further videos.


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