Video: Accessing Limitless Life Force – Shaman Jon Equinox Talk and Journey

Shaman Jon shares the wisdom teachings and a simple technique for allowing the grace of infinite life force to help you in every aspect of your life.

Part of the series of Jon’s quarterly equinox and solstice talks and journeys hosted by Luminata Books and Gifts in Monterey, CA.

“Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. As the forces of nature awaken from their slumber, we also feel a quickening of vitality and life force. The vital energy streaming from the sun and from realms of spirit is accessible to all. As we open our hearts and minds to the inner light, we draw down the limitless power of spirit to heal and transform our lives.

Popular local shaman Jon Rasmussen will give a talk on connecting with the inexhaustible fountain of life force and energy within us in order to renew our minds and vivify our vision for the life we desire to create for ourselves and the world. Jon will lead us in a shamanic ritual for healing, blessing, and renewal.” – Emory Michael, Luminata founder.


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