Video: A View of Depression for Highly Sensitive People

Jon shares insights on alternative possibilities of underlying depression in sensitive and empathetic people, and how to let it be okay. Avoid the vicious downward spiral of getting depressed about being depressed or unhappy

Jon shares his insights and observations about depression and happiness from years of working as a shaman on many people who also share the gifts of high sensitivity, empathy, and a drive to serve others. Essentially as long as people and beings in our circles and in the world at large are suffering more pain that pleasure, the shaman and sensitive person may have an underlying level of depression or unhappiness that should not be considered pathological. While other forms of depression do need to be healed and addressed with modern medicine, it is helpful for the empathetic form to be viewed in proper perspective and not allow it to take up energy and create a vicious downward spiral or being unhappy about being unhappy. Instead just allow it to be what it is and find the joy in moments when we can.

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