Video: 3 Powerful Shamanic Self-Care Practices for a Better and Easier Life

Shaman Jon Rasmussen shares 3 of the most important and powerful shamanic practices that anyone can use to improve all aspects of their life

This video is part of a fully integrative fitness program by renowned instructor Josette Tkacik called Soul Fire Dance Party available on DailyOm at this link:


Here is Josette’s introduction to this top ranking course:

Welcome to Your Happily Ever After!

This course is the embodiment of true joy and a reflection of my own journey from disease to bliss. I am truly privileged to share my class with you. I am very proud of this course, my journey and it is a privilege to share the tools AND my beloved class with you.

As I mention in my introduction, this course embodies what people ask me most for; how I healed Rheumatoid Arthritis; how I went from nothing to incredible success; and of course, being able to come in and be part of the high energy, heart-pumping Latin Dance Fitness Class.

My intention for you is that you understand that you are meant to THRIVE. You are meant to celebrate, be happy and feel satisfied. You are meant to be healthy. You are meant to understand the obstacles and the difficult situations and handle them with love and grace and light.

Latin Dance Fitness: I always tell people that you CANNOT get this wrong, the intention here is to release your mind — to lose the judgement and ego and connect with your true self. This all happens while simultaneously giving your body one of the best and most fun cardio/strength work-outs possible. Everyone can feel the rhythm and get lost — this is YOUR time to connect with who you truly are — use it — because FITNESS is more than just the physical aspect.

There is so much attention placed on the physical in our society today. If there is one thing that I know, it is that we are NOT our bodies. The perceived limits that we are taught are ready to be broken and in many cases have already been broken down, as in my case. I invite you to think of your fitness practice incorporating your emotional fitness, spiritual fitness AND Physical fitness into and all-encompassing total wellness. Only when we acknowledge that there is more to us than the physical can we break the old mind sets that no longer serve us.

In this course, you will receive 21 daily inspirations and messages that embody reflections of the tools and thought processes I learned that tool me from sick to well and from nothing to everything. Also, included are choreography notes, some dance technique to give you full confidence when you step into my class.

You will be brought into a live class (there are 7 live classes included here) so that you can directly feel the connection, energy and joy of the class itself. This combination of blissful energy is such an integral part of my class and certainly one of the reasons for its success over the last several years.

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