Truth, Lies, and Our Internal Dialogue

As is often the case, In my recent sessions I’ve noticed a major theme running through our collective consciousness that I wish to share with you.  This time it has to do with our internal dialogue and how it relates to our concept of reality, truth, and lies, as well as our language.

There is a tremendous amount of power in the words we choose both internally and externally.  In the yogic traditions this is referred to as Matrika Shakti. In my book Dreaming Your World Into Being, I cover how our words directed towards others can be a form of sorcery.  This is a result of our ability to influence and be influenced.  Using the techniques of shamanism, our goal is to get you into a place of power and freedom, where your ability to be influenced in a negative way, is diminished.  But, as the saying goes, we can be our own worst enemy.  This is because the words that we are telling ourselves mostly go unnoticed, and are all to often non-serving.  For example, let’s say that you are walking out of the gym after a workout, and you’re thinking or saying to yourself, “I should have worked out harder, or stayed in there longer, that wasn’t a very good workout.”  Chances are that you wouldn’t say this to your friend about their workout – would you?

The fact is that the reality or truth, and experiential results, have much more to do with what you tell yourself – your internal dialogue – than it does what actually took place.  One of the major tenets within our shamanic training and life is said this way “call off the search for truth and meaning and bring it instead.”  This is because truth and meaning are not absolute and fixed, but instead fluidly follow our internal dialogue.  Abraham-Hicks articulates it as “the truth is over-rated.”  Always remember that we are talking about experience more than literal form.  So if you never set foot in the gym, and you tell yourself “I didn’t go into the gym,” that is obviously just plain true, but to say “I’m bad and deserve to be punished for not going to the gym” is up for grabs.  We also don’t need to take this to an extreme of unhealthy delusion, or using it to manipulate someone else for personal gain.  Think about this more like encouraging or nudging reality (experience) more in the direction you prefer than in the other direction.  In other words, what’s done is done, but how it is experienced and manifests going forward is fluid, and is greatly dependant on your internal dialogue about it.

So here is a three step process to mastering your internal dialogue to move truth and reality closer to your preferred experience:

1. Ask yourself if you are having an internal dialogue.
2. Is the dialogue pointing to what you consider to be a fixed truth, or is it moving it towards your preferred experience?
3. Change the dialogue to gently move towards your ideal truth, meaning, and/or experience.  Imagine soothing  a sensitive child who is being self-critical, or is influenced by another child’s hurtful words.

Another of the sayings in shamanism is that all perception is projection.  Which is to say that how you perceive an event, it’s truth, meaning, or reality, depends on what you are saying to yourself about it.  And what others may be saying about it can only influence your internal dialogue if you let it.  Another example is you or a friend bought a dress and are on your way to the party.  Then the question comes up “do I look good in this dress?”.  The answer is yes, and that will be the experience at the party – you’ll notice that everyone thinks you look fabulous.  If you try to be “truthful” in that moment and answer “no”, you’ll notice everyone at the party whispering to each other as you walk by.  Which would you prefer that you or your friend experience?

I know this is a big subject, and fully expect this article to create more questions than answer, but  I thoroughly enjoy talking about it at length and it detail, so please do not hesitate to email me and/or setup a session around it.

With Love  and Good Cheer ,

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