The Shaman Student Leapfrogs the Teacher

Why it is that counter to the modern western way of thinking, in true shamanism the student becomes the master.

Shaman Don Manuel Quispe and Alberto Villoldo

Evolution Requires that the Student Leapfrogs the Teacher

True shamanism is rife with examples of how the student leap frogs the teacher.  This is a phenomenon in all of nature as expansion and evolution are the name of the game.  If this was not true, then generations would quickly devolve.  Strangely though, as is the way of the upside down world of modern man, most people have an elitist attitude tied to the hierarchical constructs of most of our institutions and even spiritual practices.

Modern ego-driven man has been led to believe that years of experience, rank, financial success, and notoriety go hand in hand with ability. In some lines of work this may be true;  but in shamanism, where the individual shaman has less to do with the results than the forces that intervene with a client at their bequest, any amount of ego, identity, and attachment to what we know or experienced more gets in the way. A great example of this is the story of an afflicted villager coming to the elder shaman with a problem that they have never been able to resolve in the many years of their experience.  The elder shaman then finds the newest and least experienced student, and sends the person to them, knowing that there is a much greater chance of a positive result because the new shaman is untainted by the experiences of failure.

And the same can be true for successful sessions.  For example, because I have seen so many clients (thousands), I sometimes catch myself speculating on the source of a client’s issue based on what I have seen in past sessions, only to find that when I get into this particular client’s luminous energy field, I witness an entirely new and different core story and subsequent approach; thus, revealing that it was a complete waste of time and energy to speculate ahead of time, instead of just tracking the unique situation in the moment.

Accelerating the Application of Shamanic Knowledge, Wisdom, and Healing

Also, it just makes sense that wisdom and ability is accumulative from teacher to student, and generation to generation.  A good teacher will impart on every level of their student’s being, all of the knowledge and wisdom that has come before them without holding any back.  Then the student can add to it what they bring that has not been before.  So you can see why shamanism must remain an open system with no boundary, no attachment, and no ego or identity to defend.  A true shaman will gladly and quickly give way to their student. I have personally experienced both sides of this, and even in both directions. And another result of this form of initiation today that I have observed and speak about often is while it took my teacher twenty years to own the role of shaman, it took me five years, and it takes my students two years.  And our Q’ero shaman teachers speak of the need for this kind of acceleration at this critical time of human (r)evolution.

It is of course the client’s choice as to who they would prefer to work with and ideally based on who they resonate with most. For a personal example, someone who has worked with my teacher, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and has resonated well with him, may find that they resonate with me as well for whatever reason they are looking for a new experience of the work, or to get past a sticky point in their healing journey, or gain new perspective.  Likewise then, when someone who has worked well with me is ready for the same, I would suggest that they may want to visit my “student” and shaman Tracy Rainwaters who I have spoken of before, knowing that her work and ability both resonates with and exceeds mine in many ways.  Alberto has also done this for me and many of his students.

And, of course, if a client resonates with an entirely different shaman and teacher, then the same will happen over there in that lineage.  It is interesting to add that this has proven not only true with clients that Alberto, I, and Tracy have shared, but also each of us has taken advantage of this natural phenomenon in that Alberto has asked me to work on him, and I have asked Tracy to work on me, and still do.  And given that one teacher will likely have multiple students; it is very exciting to someone like me to know that many more shamans are out there taking the work to whole new levels in all parts of the world that I can refer people to in this way.   And I continue to be eager and grateful to have as many clients as would fill my days; knowing that the rule of resonance will bring us together.

Knowing that I will always have a sufficient number of clients to keep me busy, there is definitely still way too much of a shortage of trained shamans today.  In fact, throughout the history of humanity there was practically one shaman in every village of fifty or a hundred. And I believe that roughly those percentages of people are still being born with the gifts, desire, and destiny to play the role of the shaman.  This is why when I meet a client who is a shaman who may not know it yet (which has been interestingly many in my personal experience as a shaman); I am happy to inspire and encourage them to get onto their true destiny.

Keep in mind that there are no doubt variations and other factors involved in getting results from the work, not the least of which is the client’s own choices and efforts to improve their situation outside of anything any shaman can do for them. So, it is beneficial for a client to stick with the same good shaman as long as possible, even through difficult points which often arise in what the wonderful Healing the Light Body School refers to as the North work.

Also, there are obviously going to be many students who will exceed the teacher, and perhaps some who will not.  What I have observed as well, is what happens in the reverse order.  When a client has worked with the “student”, and then thinks that they will get more by going to the student’s teacher, I have seen stagnation or even going backwards in their journey to power and freedom.  This could even just be due to the reason for the jump, which is their being stuck in the hierarchical beliefs; and, is one of the traps of the North work as I have written about before.  But in the spirit of true shamanism, we don’t really need to know and understand why this occurs, just take it into consideration when and if as a client you feel you are ready to move on from your shaman, or as a shaman that your client, or a new client would be better served by another shaman.

In Love, Gratitude, and Service,

Jon Rasmussen


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