The Return of the Feminine

Expanding on the theme of the return of the Feminine.  Using the volcano as a good example.  The volcano says “I have no intent to harm you, I’m just creating new land”.  If you go charging up her sides with and army and attempt to cap her explosive creativity, then surely you will die painfully – the fate of the adolescent masculine warrior.  Instead, if you get out of the way and wait patiently, you will be gifted with beautiful and fertile new land.

The lesson here is to work in harmony and service to the Feminine in order to enjoy her riches.  Encourage and unlock her potential with your warmth, just as the fire of the Sun serves the full expression of the Earth.  This is the destiny of the mature and unconditionally loving Masculine.  This highly functional and maturing relationship between the Masculine and Feminine is unfolding now here on Earth as the dysfunctional relationship has run its course and lays down to die and be mulched.  Pay no attention to its last gasps and fits as it struggles to hang on.  And again recognize where that is happening within your own being and let that battle be over.

Adjust Expectations, Avoid Traps, and Enjoy the Return

All of the lofty expectations that you place on yourself and others that come from that Masculine warrior are increasingly difficult to achieve.  And upon falling short, we create a downward spiral of increasing despair and self-judgment.  The new expectations are gentle and leave plenty of room for the joy of success and the upward spiral they create. Any expectation that is analogous to taming the volcano or bringing order and predictability to the jungle, that reaches for unrealistic and unsustainable levels of perfection, becomes a trap.  Watch out for the traps, even in our most verdant spiritual or psychological practices.

I’ll give you an example.  Many of us have spent years in either one of the many great spiritual practices or a practice like the Law of Attraction from Abraham Hicks.  We get pretty good results at manifesting the experiences we desire, and that expectation bar rises and rises.  We are usually not aware that our expectations have risen.  Then we are challenged with a situation that we think our manifesting skills should overcome, and when it doesn’t,  we wonder what we are doing wrong.  We beat ourselves up in some way if not at least lamenting our failure.

There are a lot of really helpful things along our path, that we are meant to pick up and delve into and let enhance our experience; but we came here to walk that path in the jungle and to nurture it within ourselves, and we count on it’s messiness, unpredictability, and unfairness or benign nature because that is what keeps it/us alive and expanding.  Step away from the traps, embrace the unknowable,  and be a warrior who no longer has a need to engage in battle.  Be like that jungle jaguar who counts on the senses in her body and reacts decisively.  Be like the jungle hummingbird who stops at nothing to drink in the nectar.  Be the jungle eagle who finds it’s way by soaring above the canopy and sees the big picture.  Be the jungle serpent who moves with stealth and calmness and sheds it’s skin to be renewed in the moment.

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