The Real and Full Feminine Power – For Women and Courageous Men

What does it mean to be in your full feminine power as a woman?  Can you be both loving and a fierce defender of yourself and your loved ones? Now is the time for women and courageous men to embrace and act on their full spectrum of human nature to turn humanity around and save the world sooner rather than later, or before it is too late.

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                  Boudica                                                              Blenda

I have written and spoken on a number of occasions about the importance of the rise of feminine power, as is primarily expressed in the form of women, to take charge of policy, governance, and economy in order to solve the world’s problems.  I feel that it is important to define exactly what feminine power is, what it looks like, and how it is expressed, as I keep running into misconceptions of it in my client work.

The myths and fallacies that have disempowered the feminine and primarily women run from the obvious to the insidiously subtle, and even unconscious.  Now is the time to fully expose all forms that this disempowerment takes, and allow women to finally take back which by nature belongs to them, and not to the cowardly masculine for the good of all.

The obvious myths I have spoken of often and that form the basis of the work of modern shamans, healers, teachers, and women leaders come primarily from the creation myth of the biblical Old Testament book of Genesis as it originated in the near East of Europe and was spread worldwide by the Conquistadors and Missionaries, and through the collective unconscious in even the most non-religious people close enough to pick up on it over generations – with the exception of a few tribes like my Q’ero teachers who moved to or remained in extremely remote areas of the world, and the Mapuche of Chile who fought of the Conquistadors. This has been the most successful campaign of the war strategy to demonize and “divide and conquer” in the history of all humanity, and forms the basis of the most devastating problems ever created by humanity, including massive wars, all forms of violence, bias, misogyny, and suppression of women, disease pandemic, environmental destruction, poverty, massive corruption, and all manner of mental disease and wounded souls or what religions might call true evil.

In that unfortunate number one of all time best-selling book, cowardly men wrote to demonize women, knowledge, and all of nature, and turn them against each other, so that they could take their power and natural control and turn the world into a falsely safe manicured lawn keeping out the wild-untamable nature of the feminine so beautifully, excitingly, and even sometimes frighteningly expressed in the jungles, volcanoes, oceans, girls and women of the world.  And indeed these same kind of men still exist today, but let’s hope that they never again make the bestseller list nor continue to succeed in creating cults, religions, and spiritual traditions that feed off of the normal fear of nature.

Do I have your attention yet?  Now let’s talk about the more insidious way in which women are being kept out of their power and out of charge of world affairs. Almost all religions and spiritual traditions that claim to have the best interest of even the “least of us” are keeping women from owning and expressing their power in the name of enlightenment, spirituality, and higher self. We hear it over and over that it is better to renounce sexual creative impulses, anger, and deep grief, and obtain a saintly state of pure bliss, mindfulness, and rational thought control all the time.  To transcend the crude body and matter (which by no coincidence derives from the Latin Mater, meaning Mother) and become enlightened, or reach Heaven, Nirvana, Shangri-La, and so on where not incidentally the “Father” or some old Man master dwells.  Enlightenment is not a goal or way out of this upside down world; it simply refers to lack of confusion and the resulting light-hearted and humorous state like that of a child.  It and non-attachment or the ability to transcend when the pain just gets too unbearable, are just small steps or useful tools in what the shamans know is the process back to power and freedom and the original intent of the Earth and all nature as a playground or theater filled with playful co-creators and enough contrast to experience the pleasure of it all.

One of the main culprits is the idea that men are notoriously unenlightened in their base and violent behavior emotionally, sexually, and through greed; and, that good women are the fairer sex to be filled with nothing but sweetness, light, and love and express mostly the “higher” virtues of compassion, empathy, forgiveness, nurturing, yielding, and greater “spirituality”.   And furthermore, that those men can and will change if simply exposed to the greater graces of a dedicated woman. All too often women are pulled into a relationship and even fall in love with a wounded man and end up in what I call a 20-year shaman session all along thinking that their love and encouragement will heal their lover or husband – because after all, they do see the good in them too. (I’m sure Eva Braun thought Adolf was a good man, being such a smart, passionate, and charismatic leader and vegetarian – and probably very sweet at times). And they get in even deeper when they have children, and now feel that any father is better than no father.  But the truth about that is that the example being set also disempowers the children in the long run – and girls especially, as they learn that they must put up with these kinds of boys and men in the name of love.

It is true that a more developed consciousness and level of power and freedom, or healed state, will mostly be non-judging, generous, unconditionally loving and kind, cooperative for the betterment of all, compassionate, sensitive, inclusive, and fair.  And it is true that the wounded and cowardly may behave with malice, unwarranted aggression, greed, judgment, prejudice to name a few of their unpleasant qualities and behaviors.  It is also true that humans mostly project, meaning that they assume everyone is like them, and therefore the wounded often feel justified because they are simply beating all the other bad people at their own game.  And likewise, the kind will often be taken advantage of by someone they initially trusted were good.  And in a perfect world, everyone would be aware of projection, and everyone would essentially be healed and consciously developed and peace, love, harmony, sustainability, laughter, and prosperity punctuated by just enough painful contrast  for all would be the norm; and, this whole discussion would be mute point.

But the world we currently live in is far from perfect, in fact still considered by the shamans to be mostly upside down, where fear, greed, and violence rule in the form of the cowardly majority of the men that form over 80% of all governance, economy, and policy, and where painful experiences are punctuated by fewer pleasurable experiences.

It is fair to recognize and acknowledge the courageous men that “get” that the masculine in service to the feminine is the grand solution to the return to the naturally perfect world and are working toward that end. Unfortunately this is a smaller percentage of the men in power.  It is also fair to recognize that plenty of women in powerful positions are just as driven by the cowardly masculine within them or over them, and are just as much part of the problem. Fortunately this is a smaller percentage of women in power.

The big problem however that I wish to address here is that too many of the truly feminine women, and good courageous men are uncomfortable, unwilling, or consider it a lower spirituality to engage the cowardly men in the way that is necessary to stop them, remove them from power, and then take the lengthy time to heal them from their point of crisis.  In other words, they need their asses kicked at their own game on every level and in every way.  This is not violence that I’m advocating, but self-defense.  If a man is coming at a woman or children with a sword, a gun, a fist, emotional weapons, or intent to violate or kill, then I submit that it is natural and necessary to stop him by any effective means, including if necessary death itself.  Then the forgiving and healing of the man’s soul can take place. Non-violence means to choose not to maliciously violate someone – it does not mean going against the nature of all life and not to defend oneself or children. You can also practice discernment while being non-judging, and simply walk away.

And it also doesn’t mean staying entirely out of the horrible game of politics and business in its current state in many countries and jurisdictions.  On the contrary it requires that some of us jump right into the belly of the beast and take it over – and then transform it.  It is important to understand that women and all of us can be both loving and ass kicking.  You can be both enlightened, and playing a powerful role in the game of life. You can fight to the death in defense, and love your enemy all at the same time.

If women and good men don’t proceed in this way, then eventually all that is left are the cowards, and the women and men that are willing to stay completely disempowered, abused, and enslaved by them. These women and men may feel like they did the right spiritual thing as taught to them by the same disempowering men, but their quality of life and hope for the planet would be non-existent.

So I’m writing this to definitively declare that the true powerful feminine does not shy away, nor consider lesser, the instinctual defense and wildly explosive and sometimes deadly nature that is built into and necessary for a beautiful and exiting world and quality of life that was originally intended. And it is time for all capable women, and courageous men who understand the great benefits of true service to the feminine, to reclaim their warrior nature and come together in unity once again to stop and take control back from the cowards who are driven by fear and woundedness that have systematically and relatively quickly brought humanity and the world to an unacceptable state of crisis.

For a good example of what this may look like, there are many stories of truly empowered warrior women, like Boudica, the Celtic Queen, who after the Romans raped her and her daughters, and systematically bullied, abused, and violated many or Europe’s tribes, failed to be victim and brought together all of the Celtic tribes to drive the Romans out of Ireland. Similarly there was Blenda, the Swedish villager who gathered an army of women to defeat Danish marauders.  (Both pictured above).  And it is also the great and powerful women of the Suffrage  and Civil Rights movements in the United States, and those who have fought for women’s rights and rise to power in government, policy, and business without succumbing to cowardice of the male dominated establishment.  The women who fight for all women, regardless of ideology, religion, race, or status, and not just for their own advancement and aggrandizement but for the healing of the bigger cause that as we have discussed, solves all of the world’s big problems.

What I’m saying is that you cannot wait until the cowardly men are moved by unconditional love, kindness, prayers, their own crisis, or spontaneously embarking on healing journey to become a better man.  Not only do I see this on the grand scale, but in marriages, and relationships where the woman is hanging in there, trying to be more spiritual, loving, and non-violent thinking that her man will come around eventually.  Instead fight back, defend yourself, get away or stop him, bring him to his knees or whatever it takes, and then if he finally gets it, give him the number of a good shaman to start his long and tumultuous healing journey.  Maybe then eventually he’ll earn the privilege of serving a great and powerful woman.

I understand that this warrior approach may lead to casualties.  Maybe it will be tough on your kids; maybe you will experience plenty of pain and grief, and even loss.  But what’s at stake is far greater, long lasting, and eminently more important than this personal lifetime or two – however long it takes.  Instead what is at stake determines what kind of world you, your children, grand-children, and all people, including the stone, plant, and animal life will experience if at all.  And, if you continue to take the disempowered and victim, perpetrator, rescuer, or transcendent out of your body and into your head and spirit approach, you may be in for a surprise to find out that was just another trick perpetrated by the same men who are too frightened by the nature of women and the wild-untamable manifestation of spirit and material un-separated in the natural world, to allow you to reclaim your full power.

In Love and Service as a Fellow Warrior,

Jon Rasmussen


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