The Power Within

There comes a time. Or you can make that time come.

I have been there, my most profound teachers and healers Dr. Geneie Everett, Dr. Richard Baldwin, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Mary and Jesus, Sai Baba’s mother, my own mother, some of my own “students”, and many more have been there. That place where the pain you feel for humanity and all the Earth is so great, that you are done; that one more day is unbearable, even if all of the riches and pleasure of the world given to you.

And at that moment, there is nothing left to do but fall to the ground crying out for help; falling to your knees in desperate prayer, begging for Divine intervention or whatever you call it. “Show me what to do, help me be of service, or come or bring us someone that can give us hope and faith, wisdom and power, to end this suffering, this evil, this upside down world”, or whatever you call it. The form and the words don’t matter, that moment and the cry is universal.

At that point, your own life, your own journey, your own healing is irrelevant. You will gladly give up all for an answer to your call. In fact, you have already given up all but one last desire, because you know that your desires are ultimately unfulfilling while the world is still upside down. This is what I think Dr. Alberto Villoldo meant in his talk at the recent Day of Tikkun event: That when the world is healed, you are healed. And to focus on the bigger picture, and the longer term (maybe more than one lifetime as Marianne Williamson spoke of about the Soul tingling) even if 10,000 years from now, is what will have the greatest impact on your own healing journey and life experience today.

There are countless stories of this moment where the world’s suffering evokes our greatest power to ask and receive; only a few that I am most aware of I mentioned above. Perhaps you or someone you know is at the brink of this moment. I’m writing about this, because I don’t believe that anyone has to wait for that moment to come to him or her. I believe anyone and everyone has the power within to create that moment; to fall to the ground, if even just once, and forget about your own pain, unless you already are aware that you carry the pain of the world, and cry out to whoever you believe is listening for the world to be healed, turned right side up, back to it’s natural state of harmony, balance, allowing, compassion, cooperation, etc., etc. Even if you can think of only one thing you see could be better, and can’t think of all, cry out for that one thing.

Imagine how the world will feel, when that prayer is answered. And then get up, and keep showing up the best you can, and do what you are inspired to do, or simply have to do, even if you don’t fully yet understand how it fits in. Look for the answer in the most obvious and mundane as well – it may not always come through a virgin birth, a spaceship landing, or a voice from the heavens.

That power within each of us is so profound, that when accessed and expressed in this way can make the simplest of words and tasks tremendously impactful. So do the prayer, do your healing and spiritual practices, then go out and do stuff; engage in your world. Again, like Marianne Williamson’s message suggested, this power can make the biggest acts you can do nothing short of revolutionary; and “what you don’t engage, you can’t transform”.

With Love and My Best at This Moment,
Jon Rasmussen


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