The Most Important Question to Ask First – “What Kind of World do You Want to Live In?”

The simplest and first question I would ever ask someone with different beliefs and actions than my own is “What is your most desired or preferred vision for the world at large and your place in it? In other words, what is your worldview?  What do you want?  What kind of world do you want to be living in?

Then we can objectively look at whether or not that person’s beliefs, thoughts and actions are more likely or not to get them there most efficiently or effectively or not.  I don’t have to agree with them, I don’t have to like or dislike the world they are working towards, or live in it with them, but what I might be able to figure out is if it’s really going to work for them or not the way they hope it will. That is what we can discuss or debate. And/or if they’ve asked me to help them as a shaman, then I would also work to help their soul level energy patterns and mythic layer align with their vision, so that their thoughts, beliefs and actions will more easily get them there.

So for example if you meet someone who’s worldview is totally tribal and they just want their tribe to be safe and successful regardless of the condition of anyone else’s tribe, then you can’t expect them, nor would you bother to convince them that they should want a world where we are all one big tribe.

Now You Can Begin the Debate or Discussion

So now you can talk about the limitations and possibilities and how you might get to each vision without having to convince each other which one of you is fundamentally right or wrong, or needs to change.   There are way too many factors in each individual that are held at the unconscious levels of the soul/energy body and subconscious mythic layer, let alone the more conscious thoughts, beliefs and spiritual views to have a truly effective discussion or debate that leads to some kind of agreement without first establishing that broadest and most archetypal set of worldviews.

How Your Myths are Shaping Your Beliefs, Thoughts, Actions and Reality

One of the most important ways that the shamanic work addresses that which most influences your worldview is engaging what we call the mythic layer of your being.  This is a field of unconscious and archetypal beliefs that have a tremendous influence on your life.  The mythic beliefs are both intra-psychic and extra-psychic, meaning it can be something you have been directly and consciously exposed to from family, culture or religious upbringing, or exposed to unconsciously by proximity in the society within which you live or old ancestral threads.  Some common examples in today’s world are “no pain – no gain”, “life is a school”, “life is a struggle”, “I’m only valuable when I’m in battle”, “The bigger you are, the more powerful you are”, “We are all sinners who were cast out of the Garden – and it was woman’s fault for tasting the fruit of knowledge”, “Women are born from man’s rib”, “Life is a competition”,  “There is godly judge or score keeper”, “Nature is out to get us”, “or “The purpose of life is to reach a higher vibration or transcendence so we can go someplace better”, etc.   You can see how several of those are the root cause of the suppression of the feminine and the way women have been treated for thousands of years, and our relationship with our bodies and our world in general.  Consciously, your mind may know better and completely reject some or all of those myths and the many others out there, but subconsciously these mythic signals can be overriding and dominating what you are attracting into your experience – your life and reality.  And most of the time, we simply can’t imagine an alternative because the Universe has provided so much evidence that seems to make all the myths true and unchangeable.

In fact, these myths very much dictate not only our reality, but our most general and personal worldviews like:  Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What happens after I die and before I am born? And etc. So a big part of our life, perhaps the biggest parts, are determined by our mythic layer, and it is not enough to simply bring them to our conscious mind and work on changing them there.  The only way to really access and change the mythic layer is through movement, ritual, ceremony, art, music, poetry, images and symbols.  Modern sales and marketing has figured that out and takes advantage of the power of reaching that part of your being because of its overriding influences – and so have religious institutions.

Our Shamanic Sessions and Homework Help

The simple ritual processes form the homework that I have my clients do after our session to facilitate and integrate quick, deep and lasting positive change.   It really is critically important to address and engage this layer if we hope to change our life experiences, and fulfill our vision for the world that we want to live in.  And it honestly isn’t very efficient at all to try to make literal changes on the physical level or engage the mind in thought or discussion without having first dialed-in the mythic layer. The bottom line is that you will want to decide your worldview and vision, and thus life experience you most prefer, and then make sure that your mythic layer in addition to your soul and your conscious mind and actions are a match to what you desire.

Civil Discourse and Real Change

Everyone is entitled to their own worldviews and vision for what kind of world and life they prefer to experience, and to the extent that we are all in this theater of creation together, then all the separate worldviews and myths will mix and some may dominate  Starting with the worldview and vision is an efficient way to determine if and how it is possible to have two different worldviews co-exist in some sort of balance of compromise, rather than argue over whose worldview and vision is the “right” one and all the detailed policies, agendas, and actions that might lead to fulfilling each vision.   It is also where you can quickly determine whether or not to even continue the discussion/debate if each of you is unwilling to change your worldview and the two shall never meet.

So next time you see someone saying or doing something that just doesn’t make any sense to you at all, first try to see what their underlying worldview and vision or goals are so that you don’t waste time and energy fighting or getting frustrated over it.  Only just then, may real change be possible.

It is my grateful honor and privilege to be available to help you with this process and clearing of all that might get in the way or make it harder for you than it needs to be.

Please feel free to email me to set up a time over Skype, phone, or in-person to take advantage of these gifts and powerful spirit team.

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