The Most Important Question for the Current Shift – What is influencing you?

What’s influencing you these days?  There seems to be plenty of intensity in the world with the heightened sensitivity to the 2012 prophecies, real challenges across the board, big decisions with the U.S. elections coming up, and similarly with policy decisions all over the globe.

It’s normal and healthy to feel and express anger, sadness, and similar emotions when faced with what is happening.  Of course it’s best that it’s based on the clearest and most accurate observations, facts, and understanding about it; and therefore it is always good to be discerning about what you hear from others and dig as deep as you can into what is important to you.  This is the first defense against unhelpful influences.

My understanding of what is happening with humanity on a large scale relative to the paradigm shift is that it takes time for rebalancing to settle out.  This is a well-studied fact of all natural systems, of which humanity is not really separated from. Given that we have worked our way up over the last decade or so to a kind of pinnacle of living in an unbalanced and unsustainable way, and are now beginning to really witness and feel the effects and urgency of it in various systems from financial to environmental and across the board, the natural rebalancing seems to be upon us.

All indications from multiple and varied sources are that the greatest undulations of this epic rebalancing will likely last at least a few more years, perhaps to 2016.  And, the other end of it holds tremendous promise for a much more sustainable, healthy, and thriving experience for all beings on the planet.  The challenge is to mostly psychologically make it through the undulations.  Wilderness survival experts know that 10% is knowing how to rub sticks together, and 90% is psychological, i.e. wanting to survive.

So the biggest challenge will be to stay in your power and maintain the signal for the world experiences your prefer to dream into being, while discerning that which would influence you otherwise.  And again, it is fine to experience as much drama, pleasure and pain, as you may, while knowing that if it gets to be too much, you have the tools, techniques, and ability to rise above it.

When it comes down to it, all paradigm shifts begin and end with each individual internally regardless of the external events.  Ultimately and ideally, if and whether or not events influence you is entirely up to you. How you experience whatever is happening or not, or will happen or not is up to you.

The ultimate purpose of engaging in shamanic healing or consulting sessions is to get to that ideal place of power and freedom from influences to be able to choose how you perceive the events at hand in a way that feels best to you.  That is why the most important question now is “what’s influencing you?”, and not so much “what can I do about the events?”

Do the best you can with what you have to make the choices around the events you can control or have some influence over.  And if it doesn’t go the way you think it should, or wish it would, know that you can still have the power to choose how you experience whatever does or doesn’t happen.

Based on what I’ve learned from my Q’ero teachers, the real paradigm shift that you may experience comes in understanding and taking advantage of what I have written above.  If you do, then that will be the change spoken of in the prophecy.  Other than that, the events around December 22, 2012 will not be significantly different than the events of December 20, 2012.  In other words, no magic button is going to be pushed for you that changes everything over night.  The power of your perception and mastery of it, is the real button, and it does get better eventually.

I will love to help you get that mastery, power, and freedom with this work that I’m privileged to offer.  Imagine that whatever you see on the news, whatever results come from the election and global economic, social, and policy decisions, or acts of nature, that your life experiences can still be exactly what you want.  You can allow yourself to be frightened and motivated by other’s influences on you, what they say is happening and how you should perceive it, or you can raise yourself above those influences to a place of power and control over your own experiences in the face of any literal outcome.

If you are interested in exploring what is influencing you and how, from present to distance past, and minimizing, or eliminating those influences, then I look forward to scheduling a session with you.

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