The Importance of Holding a Strong Signal

Are you enjoying the influences/interference and yet maintaining the signal strength of your preferred experiences?  The external influences are more unpredictable than ever.  It used to be fairly reliable to read the signs (i.e. astrology, tarot, psychic tracking, literal trends), and then have a clear idea of what to expect or do to change them.  That time was like a predictable flow of water in a river with its clear bends,  eddies, and even rapids.  This time now is more like a stormy ocean, very unpredictable and tempestuous.  What do you need now more than ever?  A bigger stronger boat, that can keep its heading regardless of the direction and size of the waves and currents.  So now, more than ever, the most important key is our work of coming into our power by building up the strength of our luminous bodies, and the clarity of our myths and psyche.

My sessions lately have been focusing on that strengthening and clarity, so that our thoughts and actions can keep a steady course with minimal diversion from the distractions and interference.

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