The Force of Influence Factor in the Scientific Method – A Manifestation Formula

Quantum Physics attempts to catch up with millennia of shamanism and explain the shaman’s Theory of Everything.


 Its All About Influence

Every aspect of creation can be influenced by every other aspect, not only in the physical, but also the non-physical, for example including thought waves, dark energy and matter, quantum, non-local, and multi-dimensional phenomenon.

The Main Tendency, or Current Individual or Consensus Reality, is in Flux

So there is the main tendency such as the laws of physics (i.e. gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces, EMF, quantum particles and waves, Higgs, elements, bodies, and personal or collective experience…), and then influences from past, present, future and any dimension that can bend and alter the main tendency.

So basic observations of the main tendency leads to a theory of how it works and the forces behind it, and the thought of the theory and experiments to prove or disprove it begin to influence the main tendency as well as the observations.  So the whole thing is fluid, like grasping smoke to a spectrum of infinitely varying degrees.

It is a holographic universe or multi-verse whose explicit order and possibly implicit order as well, is in constant flux due to the possibility that everything has the potential to influence everything else.

The degree of flux may depend on a number of factors but perhaps most notably the density, momentum, counter-influences and/or power of the thing being influenced and the thing doing the influencing.  And the “thing” can be an object, wave, event, thought, quantum particle, person, place, animal, plant, planet, DNA, stars… essentially all known and unknown, existing and perhaps yet to exist aspects of creation.

Humans Have the Potential to be the Greatest Force of Influence

In the physical world, nuclear force, electro-magnetic energy, and etc. may be the strongest forces and influencers.  In the non-physical world, the human soul, consciousness, emotion, and thought combined may turn out to be the strongest force and influencer.  Where the soul is a toroidal field of consciousness and information itself unlimited in time and space if only by a physical body that it temporarily as a vehicle of expression and experience in the physical world (and even then, a powerful soul would still not be limited).

And thought alone, contrary to some theories, may not be strong enough.  I believe emotion behind the thought is what provides the force of influence.   An equation might look like:  Fi = TxE2

Where both T (thought/visualization/imagination) and E (emotion/desire) themselves can be thwarted or enhanced by either positive and negative imprints or the lack thereof in the soul that are related to the desired force of influence.

If we make the positive soul imprints, Ps,   and the negative soul imprints, Ns,   and the soul S, then the Force of Influence equation might look like :       Fi = T(E+S+S(Ps– Ns))2  .

The Most Important Parts of the Equation are Body, Soul, and Spirit Aligned with the Mind

You can see that if the related negative imprints in the soul exceed the related positive imprints then the Force of Influence has the potential to go negative meaning it actually works against the intended, desired, or expected outcome.

Also, to make the thought and emotion part of the equation as strong as possible, there are two important factors. One, you want to focus on the experience and feeling of the outcome rather than the literal form; and two, include how other’s will benefit from the outcome.

Attachment is a Deal Breaker

Also, to the extent that we remain attached to the outcome and have not yet received it, or are keeping track of the apparent obstacles, then we are introducing another counter-influence.  This counter-influence is most likely going to affect both the thought and emotion part of the equation.  So we will use A for attachment, and adding it to the equation might result in something like this:

Fi =( T-.5A)((E-.5A)+S+S(Ps– Ns))2

And one more very important factor is that if you ask for help from friends, both physical and non-physical beings or spirit, to match the intent of your force of influence, then it is multiplied exponentially.  So if we signify the helping beings as H, then the final equation – for now – becomes:

Fi =(( T-.5A)((E-.5A)+S+S(Ps– Ns))2)(1+H)                  

Relatively Simple Formula for Manifesting, or Influencing Your Experience – All Things Considered in Shamanism and Science and Love

So now we have come up with a fairly comprehensive scientific formula and mathematical equation for the process of manifesting experiences.  To shamans there is no separation of spirit and matter, and likewise shamanism and science need not be separate.  The only suggestion I have is to use this from a place of love, wisdom, and beneficence. Using this knowledge and power from a place of fear, ignorance, and maliciousness is always much weaker and eventually backfires.  So always measure that the experiential outcome desired is for the love it.

We can also speculate that this could explain why some scientists succeed in discovery or invention more than others.  I would suggest that the scientist that has a stronger emotional desire, clarity or focus of thought, imagination, or visualization around the problem to be solved, and also has the soul patterns to match, and are aligned with benevolence, will be most successful.  I think this theory would be proven by a historical study of the most successful scientists and inventors.

The Shaman’s Scientific Role

PS. The work of the Shaman is to help the client reduce or eliminate negative soul imprints, and increase or create positive soul imprints as well as help them to increase their emotional power and clarity of thought.  In this way, the client becomes the most powerful influence and/or un-influenceable force in creating their own experiences as well as influencing others and the overall creation itself.     And of course the “client” themselves, like many of the successful scientists,  inventors, and problem solvers may be one of the many kinds of shaman and have many of the gifts and characteristics of a shaman in their own rite.

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