The Feminine’s Rightful Place of Power in the World

Recently I’ve enjoyed doing some group sessions, and book signings, as well as a little radio interview this past Saturday for . I’m still working slowly on my next book.

I’d like to share a recent insight that is very big picture and bold, but has implications for life choices as well.  It has to do with the state of the Feminine, and the reclaiming of its rightful power, value, and impact in the World. This process is fundamentally what the Q’ero call the Pachakuti or World turning right side-up again.  This is the state of the World that supports health, sustainability, and peace.  If we go back in time before the myth of the Masculine Warrior dominance spread, the Feminine was indeed the ultimate super power on the planet in all of its forms.  From the women of our species to the creative power of all of Nature, the Feminine was in control, and Masculine her fortunate servant, in the form of the men of our species all the way to the nurturing energy of the Sun.  This power, like the dark tangled jungles, mighty oceans, and volcanoes, requires great reverence, respect, and adaptability, and in return provides heavenly experiences here on Earth.  When certain men could no longer adapt, and were experiencing the painful consequences of going up against the more powerful Feminine, they sought out a way to conquer this great power.  And the only way, as evidenced throughout recorded history (which is mostly about battles), to conquer an overwhelming super power is by dividing it and turning against itself from within.  Likely you have heard the phrase “divide and conquer.”

Through a few stories/myths, some manipulation and lies, and pointing blame, the outside party can start a vicious cycle within the super power that will eventually cause it to waste enough of its energies and resources until it is sufficiently weakened and fragmented as to be taken over.  I believe this has happened to the women of our species since the spread of the myth of Adam and Eve, and that it takes place in our manipulation of Nature itself, as well as possibly what is happening within the U.S through certain foreign-owned influences like Fox News. But lets stick with the impact is has on women and their relationships for now, since that is all we as individuals can really change quickly.

This is the key.  Take a look at your own relationships with yourself, other women, men, and masculine-based organizations.  Notice where you have been divided and are doing battle with yourself and other women for an illusional prize, be it a man, success in business, or the favor of a masculine God.  First it became a battle with your own body, its functions, impulses, appearance became curses, evil, or undesirable. The chaotic and inconsistent beauty of Nature and all things Feminine were branded as negative and inherently bad, particularly relative to the rationality, logic, and consistency of all things Masculine like the order of an army or hierarchical institution or the Sun itself.  And the problem with these myths is that they eventually sink into the unconscious where they operate to create the evidence that supports themselves, no matter how ridiculous they are at the outset.  I could write a whole book on this subject, but lets cut to the chase.

What to do now as a woman, and how to respond if you are a man?  Woman, reclaim your power by stopping all internal battles.  Love and embrace your entirety inside and out.  Reject all influence that would seek to continue to divide and conquer.  Secondly, embrace other women not as competitors, but as powerful allies.  For when the Feminine and women are united and in power, there is plenty of masculine to call on and share as needed (just like the Sun that rises every day and shines its energy on every living being that needs it).  I know there has been so much wrapped around this battle against the Feminine for so long now that the momentum seems overwhelming, but it is not, and the tide is turning which will make this inevitable anyway.  Man, learn to be a true servant once again to women and to Nature as a whole.  Do it well and adapt, and you will be rewarded, for your true value as a servant will continue to be recognized and utilized, but learn to enjoy the ride in the back seat, because your value is not in the driver’s seat, and never was.  This realignment, of course, can be discussed further and facilitated through our shamanic work.

With Love and Lightness,

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