The Evolutionary Leap Has Begun – What it Means for You

The Human species has begun an evolutionary leap that is exponentially more abrupt than any known previous leaps – and it is happening to you. It is the work of the Shamans to help us navigate this extreme course.


The prophecies of my Q’ero shaman lineage speak of the evolutionary leap that humanity is undergoing at this time.  And this evolutionary leap is unprecedented not only because of our current level of awareness and understanding as a species, but also because the overall trajectory of all previous evolutionary leaps is exponential.  This means that each leap has happened sooner and quicker than the previous.  My teachers speak of the fact that this leap isn’t just happening from one generation to the next, but within our generation.

Modern science and medicine is barely scratching the surface of the possibility that we can change our existing DNA and bodies within one lifetime.  But modern science is only coming to a full understanding of just 5% of the known or theoretical Universe.  The other 95% of everything is “dark” or unknown, and currently un-measurable.

Shamans not only see into that unknown, but actually have techniques to work with it and apply it to facilitate change in the 5% known experience.  We see that the 95% of “dark energy and matter” as modern science calls it, and causay as the Q’ero call it, informs the 5% of the energy and matter that make up our conscious and sensory experiences.  It is essentially a working and changeable blueprint for reality.

With this understanding, we can see that the evolutionary leap in our human bodies and minds as a species is and has been preceded by accelerating changes in the energetic blueprint that are being facilitated in many humans right now. And it is helpful not only to know that this is possible, but to help explain and deal with the implications in the most graceful way possible.

With all evolutionary leaps, one can only imagine that it comes with a certain amount of upheaval, shedding of many facets of the old paradigm, and varying degrees of discomfort, confusion, and even downright fear.  It is our work as shamans to help humanity through it all with healing, vision, comforting, clarity, and even celebration.

The main thing to remember is that the you that is  95% of who you really are is not limited to this lifetime, this body, this mind, and this story- or perhaps even this planet or this Universe.  In the English language, the you the feels like you and comprises your conscious awareness, personality, and tons of information and “coding” is called the Soul. In Sanskrit you’re called the Aura and Chakras, in Italian your called the Anima.  Every language has a name for the you that is really you.  So physical life and death, bodies, brains, and DNA are all relatively and extremely temporary vehicles by which you play in the theater of the Universe once again, and again, and again, and again.

Shamans understand that evolution and expansion are very desired aspects of the consciousness within and throughout all aspects of this theater for the simple reason that boredom is worse than annihilation. In other words we, or consciousness in general and in all forms and formless, keep evolving in to greater and greater complexity to keep it interesting and to see where we can take it through the creative process.  And of course as a part of it all there are fits and starts, fear and back peddling, dead ends, destruction and construction, millennium of rest, and exhilaration filled leaps and bounds.

So if you are feeling like the old ways of looking at things and doing things is no longer cutting it, and/or you know children and adults that do not fit our current understanding, lifestyle, and constructs, then you are likely witnessing the evolutionary leap in progress.  You may also being experiencing nothing short of the personal and collective revolution/upheaval that often accompanies such leaps, and which often comes with the extremes of feelings and emotions such as fear, pain, love, and pleasure.  And to the extent that you can allow your mind to go along with it, to blow open and expand, to accept the unknown and the unknowable, to surrender to the inevitable evolution of who you really are and all that comes with it, then you may actually enjoy this part of the ride.

Call on your shamans to help you gracefully and quickly jettison any unnecessary baggage and stories that will no longer be necessary or useful in the new paradigm, and that would only hurt worse to be ripped away the hard way.  And together let’s align the 95% blueprint with the ideal vision that we manifest by dreaming it into being as co-creators of the Universe(s).

In Love and Service,

Jon Rasmussen


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