The Cause of Autism – A Soul Level Perspective

For over a decade, I have worked with adults and children with Autism and related symptoms, and their parents.  As with all other diagnoses and symptoms, there are often factors beyond the obvious physical and psychological mechanisms and manifestations.  Western medicine, including many alternative approaches focus on the mechanisms that may be associated with the symptoms, such as bio-chemical, neurological, genetic, psychological, and environmental including potential toxins, parent’s age, and social factors. My work focuses further upstream on the blueprint of the soul and sub-conscious that influences the physical and psychological the way that a magnet influences iron filings on a plate of glass.  To set the basic understanding for my observations on Autism, I will explain briefly the nature of where my work focuses.

A Deeper and Broader Perspective on Disease

Taking into account the nature of the soul and how it carries information and character from one lifetime to the next opens up the scientific study of these diseases to what would otherwise remain an unsolved mystery.  Certain archetypes of behavior and life experiences are prevalent in modern societies, for example, the warrior, the hero, the caretaker, and the martyr.  These archetypes are held in patterns in the soul that come from unresolved experiences in past lives, and are often matched by similar patterns in our DNA ancestors.

In the case of the warrior, a soul may have spent a lifetime dedicated to fighting an enemy on the battlefield centuries ago.  That soul’s myths, beliefs, psychological, and physical experiences would have been oriented almost entirely to battle.  For example, the underlying myth would be simply “life is a battle”, or “life is a battle between good and evil”, as opposed to something like “life is a play”, or “life is a theater in a beautiful garden”.  The warrior’s beliefs, which both create the myth’s, and are later informed by them would be something like “I am only valuable or worthy of life when I am in battle”, and “my value is measured by my wounds and scars.”

When the warrior dies, the myths, and the patterns of them in his or her soul remain intact if allowed to be fully processed and released, even though the physical body is returned to the earth.  Then as the soul returns for the next lifetime here in the theater of Earth, those patterns inform which family, society, and circumstances the soul is born into.  And as that old soul progresses in that young body, certain life events can trigger and re-engage the old patterns and begin to manifest similar experiences.  Now if that child or adult soul is no longer on the battlefield, they will still need to experience battle of some form or another.  This can manifest in relationships, or within their own body against a disease, or indeed the desire to go to war.

In a similar vein, the hero has patterns of sacrificing their life for others in bold ways, the caretaker is overly empathetic and tries to process for others, the martyr passively dies so that another may live.  There are many more patterns and myths tied to the lack of resolution of life’s core painful experiences of abuse, neglect, loss, abandonment, betrayal, and engulfment; and almost infinite ways and forms that they play out from lifetime to lifetime.

The Cause Behind Autism, Asberger’s, and ADHD Related Diseases

Given the understanding and evidence that these deeper layers of the soul and deeply subconscious myths have a profound influence on all aspects of life experience on the physical and behavioral levels, I would like to present my perspective on Autism and similar diagnoses such as Asberger’s, ADHD, etc.  In addition to my experience of working with clients on these deepest and broadest levels, I have the added data point of experiencing these symptoms myself throughout my own life.  My near death experiences that started at early childhood, also offered the ability to objectively observe and study my own patterns.

So here is my conclusion and suggestions for healing and curing this pandemic that is at this writing observed in 1 in 88 souls, growing at over 1100%, and costing over $60 Billion per year:

Autism is an extreme form of protest by highly sensitive and dedicated souls.  For the most part, these protesters are coming in greater numbers and refusing to give in until humanity at large returns to a functional, sustainable, and more peaceful and harmonious way of living on this planet.

Ask yourself when you first noticed that most of the ways things are being done just don’t make sense.  For me, largely due to my soul purpose and related birth and near death experiences, it was at age 4.  I was born the day John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead.  I came out two weeks early to a world of tears and almost complete hopelessness, and the chord wrapped around my neck.  By age 4, and my first near death experience from an accidental electric shock, I was conscious of the entire picture of events on Earth and beyond.  I actually articulated to my mother that I wanted to go back.

Since the 1960’s, there has been a leap in human consciousness such that a large percentage of souls are now recognizing serially that something much greater than their own life experience is at stake. You know this as an adult, you see it all around you and likely feel the same level of frustration your autistic child does.  The difference is that you and I decided to go along and get along as best we could and take other approaches to affecting change besides out right protest.  These powerful souls coming in today at this critical juncture, seem to be taking a more drastic approach, and rightfully so.

Furthermore, the symptoms of extreme neurological and psychological sensitivity, toxins in the body, and so on seem to be an attempt to show us adults just how bad the state of humanity and the Earth has gotten so that we cannot ignore it out of convenience or fear any longer.  It would be equivalent to a person covering their body in the mud of a toxic lake to bring attention and inspire action to clean up the lake, or a bread maker dowsing their body in gasoline an alighting it to start a revolution.

These souls in the bodies of autistic children and adults today are basically showing us that we need to solve the big problems directly and quickly.  They are a combination of those archetypes that I mention earlier, but by choice, because the elements of modern humanity that have been in charge over the last several thousand years have brought us to global health, social, and environmental crisis in accelerated fashion over the last 500 hundred years.

What These Powerful Protestors Want

All of us that are working on every level from symptoms all the way to the underlying wounds of the soul and misguided myths need to step up our efforts. Those who know my work and writings, such as my book Dreaming Your World Into Being, know that I see it fundamentally as a return of the Feminine power to be in charge, and masculine courageous enough to support that within both men and woman, and on the stage of politics, policy, education, health, and business.

I don’t think we need to fix the Autism; instead we need to look, question, and listen very carefully to the underlying protest.  Let the autistic children in particular know that you hear them, you see them, and that you understand them.  Ask them what we should do to fix the world.  Let them know that you are doing the best you can, and then do the best you can to bring about a world that is once again functional and harmonious, and makes sense for all sensitive souls to thrive in.  See how they respond to that; to adults finally looking in the right direction from their perspective.  They are wise teachers as well.

This is why for example in the documentary, The Horse Boy, the little boy Rowan Isaacson responded so well by going to a part of the world that looks much more like the solution.  Let’s bring that world to all of us, and watch these diseases and symptoms disappear.


Jon Rasmussen

Shaman, Healer, Author, and Speaker


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