Testimonials & Endorsements

"The Work that Jon Rasmussen did for me was and is still profound. I had troubles finding the right job and since I for 20 years has worked with shamanism i contacted Jon for a Skype session. We talked a bit and then Jon started to do he's work by connecting me and the spirit world.  At the time I didn't feel much, but then after 24 hours my hole body started melting. I cried when I saw my wife, my kids, the sun, the moon. I saw beauty in everything, everybody and myself. 

My own healing powers and ability to see in a clairvoyant way has improved greatly as well. My heart is opened like never before and yes I got a new and much better job with warm and friendly people." - Peter Hartmann, Denmark  

"Jon's work is powerful" - Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof, Inc.  Based on session work with Dave in 2011 that helped bring in the destiny of Dave's new direction in Bio-Hacking and ultimately the creation of the highely successful Bulletproof enterprise.  Dave has since interviewed Jon's teacher Dr. Alberto Villoldo several podcasts about his shamanic work.

"I stumbled upon Jon Rasmussen 8 years ago, on my wedding day, when, on a lark, I signed up for a shamanic journey without a clue that Jon was about to change my life. A vision that came to me during that experience resulted in me quitting my job as a conventional physician, moving to the country with my husband and newborn, and launching a career as a healer, author, speaker, artist, and blogger committed to bringing the care back to healthcare.

Jon has since helped me integrate shamanic practices into my healing work, as well as supporting me in my own personal and spiritual awakening.  If you know you’re on the precipice of transformation and you’re not sure which step to take next, leap no further than Jon.

I guarantee you will feel held, loved, and nurtured within the sacred container he creates. Within that safe space, your self-healing journey — and outright miracles — are not only possible, they’re likely."

— Lissa Rankin, MD

Author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013)



"Jon’s knowledge of healing from both the modern psychological and ancient shamanic paradigms is beautifully integrated. The results of his energy work as a complement to psychotherapy have been tremendous! Jon is a gifted healer."

— Dr. Maura Cohen

Clinical Psychologist, Miami, FL



"When I first heard Jon’s voice over the phone, I immediately felt a sense of peace.  His kindness and understanding radiated as I shared my problem with him.  Then as he did his work on me, an intense and powerful shift came that blew me away! I could feel my heart open and the healing energy merging with me right into my body.  It was wonderful!  We spoke about what took place and he shared his wisdom with me about it all. 

He reminded me of the medicine woman that I am and how I am not missing anything in that power, just that I believed I was. Since our session, I’ve felt so much more confident and relaxed about my business and about my gifts. Fabulous!"

— Pamela Dussault

LMT, RMT, Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Healer www.passagetoinnerjoy.com | www.reaphealing.com


"Dear Jon,

I felt such an honor to see your video of “Summer Solstice Talk”. I have been in many ceremonies and I have been blessed to have met many Shamans in my life. They have been of various cultures, but mainly natural people from North and South America.

They have all taught me something that has served me in my life and I am so grateful. I learned that all life and all Divine creation is a true miracle gifted to us and it only deserves our respect.
What I have never experienced from a Shaman before, was to feel all these natural elements and energies alive in me, in my heart and soul, receiving the healing while looking at a computer and you in a room inside a building.

No mountains, no forest, no ceremonial clothing, no center fire, no support of others building the energy, no drums, no chanting, etc. (You know what I mean). Only you, bringing all the energies together in that space by using only a few instruments, your breath—the breath of life— your sincere heart, your words and intention that made everything come alive, in me and all around me. WOW!

You brought the healing, the forest, the mountains, the water, the fire, the wind and all the magic of being connected with Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the Creator, with what you shared. You are a blessing to all that can have this honor to receive this wonderful gift you have in sharing our Creator’s Light and Love. Aho!"

— Linda Oropeza from México



“The story you tell becomes your reality.” –Shaman Jon … If you would have told me this a year ago, I would have scoffed and told you something like, “No, life is something that happens to you. You’re just lucky if you survive it.” Wow, was I living a deluded existence in the middle of wrong town! In the years leading up to finding Shaman Jon, I was on a dejected, lonely and tumultuous path. I certainly did not like the story that was unfolding before me, but at the time, I did not know how to stop it, nor did I understand that I could stop it…and even rewrite it!

Existing in a perpetual state of intense, emotional chaos that consisted of daily depression, angst, stress, anxiety and panic, I had exquisitely orchestrated my own personal hell that I didn’t know how to crawl out and away from. I desperately wanted release, but I was so unconscious that even 30+ years of reoccurring abusive situations and relationships, frequent betrayals by others and to my own self as well as a near fatal car crash in 2014 were not successful in waking me up.

So life did what it had to do: It turned up the volume with even more and more painful experiences until I finally received the biggest wake-up call of all that left me truly knocked flat and broken. I knew my life could not go on as normal. This is when I made the decision to redirect and focus my attention inward and begin my quest of taking personal responsibility for all that which was manifesting before me. I say ‘decision’ because I most definitely had a choice and I felt and heard that from my spirit guides very clearly.

About a year into my healing journey, I happened upon Shaman Jon’s website, which of course was no accident. I watched some of his shamanic healing videos on YouTube and subscribed to his mailing list, but something in me just did not feel ready. I also felt emotionally resistant to working with a man because I had a narcissistic father and several significant relationships with narcissistic men that left me veritably shattered and contributed to a significant amount of soul loss. Thus, my existing ideas and presumptions about males were severely distorted. My reality at the time was that men always abuse their power… So my initial worry was, “How and why would Shaman Jon be any different?”

About 5 months later, I finally felt I was ready to work with someone as I had a desire to augment and advance all the quantum healings that I had been doing on myself. Not long after, I had an email in my inbox from Shaman Jon, announcing that he would be working in the area soon. I knew it was time to take the leap and so I scheduled an appointment. At the time of my first healing session with him, I was very sick and truly hungry for an energetic and cellular shift at the core of my being. I had a large tumor on my ovary and a cyst on my liver, both of which I knew had shown up both physically and metaphysically as a result of the cumulative trauma and victim-consciousness that I had been immersed in previously for the majority of my life. When I wasn’t working, I was spending almost every minute of every day lying in bed because I was literally too sick to function. For obvious reasons, I was deeply concerned and discouraged about the fact that my health was not improving, despite my having attempted every spiritual avenue that I knew of to get better.

I will always remember the day I met Shaman Jon. He walked into my home and the energy in the room literally rearranged itself to accommodate his presence. His calm and self-contained aura was both refreshing and captivating. I have been to healers before who interestingly enough, found it necessary to perch themselves up on an arm’s length, remote pedestal. I hated that feeling of a teacher being ‘above’ and superior to the student. I wanted to participate in a different dynamic – One that was mutually humble and balanced. And Shaman Jon was in precise alignment with what I needed – Fully engaged, warm-hearted, down to earth and energetically accessible. Immediately, he had me lay down, and he began his illumination process which involved quietly and delicately targeting the areas of my body that needed healing. He also did an ancestral clearing and informed me that my ancestors had had a grip on my ovary. It was a beautiful experience. I felt so at ease and for the first time ever, with his wise insights and encouragement, I gave myself permission to be fully present and at peace in my body, without judgment.

Two days later, I had a follow-up CT scan which was going to determine how soon I needed to schedule my surgery. The results came back the following morning…Cyst on my liver: Nearly gone. Tumor on my ovary: Completely nonexistent. My doctor and radiologist were understandably baffled and told me they had never seen anything so perplexing. Because the news was so miraculous, they initially tried to justify it by stating that perhaps the test results were wrong or had been mixed up with another patient. Of course, neither of those scenarios were the case. I just smiled because I knew the truth.

If this in itself isn’t concrete proof of Jon’s authenticity, power and effectiveness as a shamanic and energetic healer, then I don’t know what is. In the weeks following my initial healing session, I had a true spiritual awakening. Shaman Jon played an undeniable and prolific role in facilitating this and in helping me to lay the groundwork for my newly conscious state of being. Since my awakening, I have had a second follow-up session and just recently scheduled my third healing with him. It is absolutely beautiful to see and to know that I am a completely different person – I don’t even come close to resembling the person that I was just two short months ago.

Shaman Jon is without question an extraordinary being and a profound and gifted healer. I am so happy that my soul chose for him to be a part of my experience in this lifetime and at this exact stage in my journey. Thank you, Shaman Jon, for so benevolently carrying out your own soul’s purpose in a way that deeply inspires, nourishes and supports others at the various stages of their evolutionary path. I hope you will always make it your mission to share your healing gifts with the world. You have unequivocally changed the course of my life and I will always feel grateful to you for that.

— Laura K., Newport Beach, CA