Invite Jon to speak or conduct workshops with your group

Over the years I have developed a unique and renowned ability to explain complex concepts in a way that everyone can understand.  I have addressed and educated people from all walks of life, beliefs, religions, sciences, and cultures in a way that creates a bridge of understanding, thoughtfulness, and enlightenment without fail.

I have what many say is an uncanny ability to read the audience and choose the approach and words that get directly to the heart of the matter and resonate with each and every listener or student.

I provide a direct and transformative experience of the sacred during my talks and workshops, often through a guided journey that resonates specifically with the audience and the moment.  I generously share my wealth of experience and knowledge.

People come away having not only the most extraordinary experience with a speaker or workshop, but also highly effective tools that last a lifetime.


Popular Speaking Topics

I customize every keynote speech and workshop for the audience.

Below are some popular topics that I frequently speak on.  Please contact me to discuss a topic that would be of interest to your group or audience.

Shamanism in the Modern World and Why It’s So Important to Our Planet
Creating the Future with Courage and Vision
How to Release Your Past and Find Your Ideal Destiny
Bringing Shamanism to Corporations and Organizations and Why It’s So Powerful



Testimonials from Workshop Participants

“Jon is one of the most inspiring teachers I’ve ever met. He was born to be a teacher and has the most wonderful energy and is a truly caring and compassionate spirit. I’ve experienced working with Jon with various Shamanic and Theta healing techniques and all have been incredible experiences of awakening and healing!

Many thanks to Jon for helping awaken me on my spiritual path and introducing me to this wonderful world of healing. I would encourage anyone who is looking to go deeper in his or her spiritual learning journey or looking for healing to contact Jon.

You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Jon!” 

Patricia Alvarez Business Owner, Campbell, CA


“Jon’s ability to combine traditional shamanic skills with modern healing modalities reveals to us much more than just a gifted healer and teacher. Jon’s boundless energy and vitality is intoxicating. His knowledge, balance and perspective is inspiring. His abundance of love and inner peace is uplifting.

Having recently attended Jon’s class I would highly recommend it to anyone open to a life changing experience. Jon enlightens us with his teaching and takes us on a sacred journey into a powerful new healing system. God bless you Jon.”

G. Obermaier, Germany