So Much More than Meets the Eye

I’ve been reminded recently that not only are there many more things going on in the physical reality that we are not made aware of, the non-physical is even more active and complex.

The Unknown and the Unknowable – A Shaman’s Comfort Zone

I was on a plane sitting between the two founders of a university for people interested in working for the NSA, CIA and so on.  Because of part of my own history being similar the training that the Special Forces people that they tend to target as recruits go through, I gained rapport with the one sitting at the window.  We had a fascinating and candid conversation about the whole subject of covert operations and homeland security.  There was little in the conversation that we haven’t already heard, but the main point is that for every one incident you hear about in the news, there are about one hundred that you will never hear about.  So I guess the bottom line there is not to get too worked up about the one incident you do hear about.  Just be glad that there are people who enjoy that line of work and are succeeding in keeping things relatively together until we can evolve.  AND, get comfortable with the unknown and unknowable.

Likewise, for every one energetic or non-physical event that you are aware of, there are hundreds actually happening.  This is supported by theories that all things are connected, nicely presented in the YouTube video titled “The Oneness – We Are All One!,”  as well as Chaos theory.  Wherever your soul is, it influences all that is around it and beyond.  At the same time, your soul and therefore the rest of your layers of being are influenced by many unseen forces.

All About Relationship and All About Influence

In our Q’ero Shaman tradition, we practice Ayni (right relation or reciprocity) to bring as much grace and positive influence around us as we can to dominate the spectrum.  Over time and practice, this creates a gravity-like field of attraction around you, as well as a radio-like transmission that brings in and puts out even more of the same. It builds exponentially.

No matter how much recognition you get or awareness you have of these gifts and influences, at least know that it is all happening, and that your work, your ayni, and simply your beingness are far deeper and broader than you even suspect.  Being an extremely grateful and devoted member of the Q’ero lineage in the work that I do, over the years I have witnessed some of the hidden forces at work in my sessions, and clients, and would-be clients.

Bring the A-Team – They’ll Have You Covered

I have had lucid dreams of being taught by the likes of Don Manuel Quispe, and engaging in full conversations with Alberto Villoldo, and doing complete sessions from beginning to end on someone I have not met, but who wanted a session.  Recently, two such events demonstrating the reach and eager engagement of my lineage occurred within a week of each other.  I was made aware of after receiving two emails from a woman and a young man in different ends of the country, who had no previous knowledge of me or the Q’ero, or possibly even shamanism.

I’ve been given permission to share a part of the emails.  The first is from the woman in the Midwest who upon receiving the message from a voice that was gruffer than her usual guides thought she was Googling in her words “some German philosopher” to find me.  Here is her email:

Hi Jon,

I feel compelled to contact you to schedule a session because while meditating & journaling last week I was told, “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near: so live for today! Study Rasmussen. Forgive yourself and move on, this will get the ball rolling”. I was then given a saying to repeat to myself when I make a mistake to forgive myself. I was then dismissed and told to “continue on my day”.

I have been in contact with my “spiritual team” for 10 years or so, however, whoever I was communicating with on that day, was someone new! (This was a rather abrupt message).

I am fortunate to receive encouragement, insight and guidance from these “friends”. Always, I am overjoyed and amazed to reread their messages to me which are all for the benefit of my existence.  I believe I would be remiss if I did not follow through and contact you and to schedule something…..  S. Lopez

Than just one week later, I received a second email from a young man in the Northwest, and putting two and two together, realized that Don Manuel Quispe seems to be doing some marketing for his students. This man actually thought this was a guy named Don, last name Manuel who came to him, not knowing that in Peru the Don refers to Mr.  His subject line read “Don led me to you …” Here is his email:


My name is    . I am 27 yrs old. I live in                         .

After a long series of unexplainable spiritual events and communications, I have accepted that I am a shaman. Don Manuel came into contact with me about two weeks ago. He has been helping me understand who and what I am. He is working with me as a guide of sorts. He has guided me to your site. I would love to learn from you.

Any help or information would be very appreciated. Thank you for your time.

love and light,


I have always been told and always wondered with a healthy skepticism that the team of non-physical beings that I have gathered over 30 years of study and practice in various traditions (I call them the A-Team of healing) are there with me at every session.  I credit them duly with the miracles that take place. I’m the mediator, facilitator, channel, tracker, translator, representative of the lineage, and also healer in the sense of facilitating my client’s efforts towards wholeness, power, and freedom. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is acknowledge and thank each member of my team.

I encourage you to do the same and to own that you are part of a team that operates on levels that you may never be aware of.  Know the connectedness of all-that-is and will be, and know that once the momentum is going, your relationship and influence builds.  And none of these non-physical forces judge you or keep track of any hitches in your giddy-up, so don’t waste your energy on them either.  Just show up with your naturally kind intentions and unconditional self-love, and leave the rest to the team and the grace.

Gratefully Yours,


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