Signs, Synchronicity, and the Speed of Manifestation

Shamans have a unique view on how the Universe responds to the signals that we send and to the way it interacts in our play. We are meant to call off the search for meaning and truth, and instead bring it. We are the creators of our own experience that decide meaning and truth, and the story we tell becomes our reality.  As you become free from influences and in your power to create your script, then the Universe conspires to dance and play with you just for fun, often with many signs and synchronicity.

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“You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental things apply As time goes by”

– Louis Armstrong

I had a question come up recently about signs, synchronicities, and what determines the time it takes to manifest experiences. I have touched on this subject before and it is worth repeating that people on healing and spiritual journeys can get caught up in the processes and forget that the purpose of the journey is to return to a childlike and playful state free of processes and hanging onto wounds and old stories.

To shamans the purpose of life is not the healing journey, spiritual or personal growth. All of that can be a big part or result of life, but the purpose is essentially playing and co-creating in the theater. Signs and synchronicities are also often a fun part of the theater, and manifestation is of course a huge part of creating and re-creating our scripts and experiences.

But signs aren’t necessary once you are no longer lost or confused. They may be all around you, they can serve you, but they should not have power over you. Imagine walking in any city filled with street signs and you wish to get to a particular restaurant for some delicious food that you know is three blocks down then one block to the right. And as you are walking, one of the names of the street is Delicious Ave. Is that a sign that the restaurant is down that street and should you turn there instead? No. But if you have no idea where a restaurant is, and you see that street, then you might give it a try.

The truth is that signs are everywhere in our lives, and we tend to notice the ones that align with a conscious or subconscious signals (focus of thought, fears, desires, imprints, etc.). The danger is to think that you must follow all of them, or figure out their meaning. In shamanism, there is no meaning except that which we assign ourselves. As in Louis Armstrong’s song quoted above, a kiss is just a kiss, not a sign that this is the One. Because as soon as the kiss becomes “This is the One”, then every subsequent sign and psychic reading will tend to support the meaning you have assigned. Until one day you meet the next “One”, and all the signs and readings support that.

Signs and synchronicities that you notice are part of the play and interaction of the resonant frequencies that make up all of this play in the theater. Have fun with them and be delighted by them, and follow them only because you want to as a master of your destiny from a place of power and freedom. Don’t take it personal if they lead you to a place you decide you don’t want to be. Work on gaining clarity about the experiences you would prefer to have in all areas of your life. The more clear you are, the less signs are necessary and the more synchronicities occur. As the shamans say, time works for you. Everything happens in perfect and almost effortless timing.

This ties into the question why is it that some things show up or manifest in our lives more quickly than others. “If I can manifest one kind of experience quickly, why does another take so long”? The first factor is the clarity of your signal, meaning there is no resistance in your energy body, myths, beliefs, and observations about receiving what you are asking for. The second factor is the size and complexity of what will allow you to cross paths with the experience.

For example on the quicker side, you may have a light and passing thought about an old friend and feel how nice it would be to see them again. You believe that it’s easily possible to see them, you don’t have any wounds in your soul about never seeing friends, or myths that friends are always distant. It’s not that important to you, and you let it go and aren’t looking around every corner noticing that they are not there; So there’s no resistance in the observation. It’s just a matter of logistics at that point that could get you to cross paths, or get a phone call from your friend.

For example on the longer side, you may really want to become a famous writer. You feel that this is your calling and life purpose. You believe it’s possible, but you also believe that relatively few writers achieve that level of success; and you may not believe that you have all the gifts and skills required. You may have a wound imprint in your soul that when you once achieved fame, you were betrayed. You may have myth influencing you that “life is a battle”. And you are observing that you rarely have time to sit down and write, or what you have written isn’t gaining traction. And basically, it takes more than a few days to write a book and sell enough to become famous.

Then you ask yourself, “I manifested running into that friend in three days, why has it been 3 years and my book is still not a best seller”. That is when you want to see your shaman to clear the imprints and myths, let go of the need to be a famous writer, and just write for fun and/or a paycheck; and stop checking every day to see if you are on the best seller list. Then allow for the possibility that it could take 10 years if ever in this life, and that’s okay. And of course follow the logical steps of writing well, publishing, marketing, etc.

In Love and Service,

Jon Rasmussen

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