The modern world has a fairly rich experience with ceremony.

From school graduations, marriages, breaking ground, ribbon cuttings, awards, blessings, and initiations of various kinds, ceremony is highly valued across all cultures.  Ceremonies are about marking a transition.

Shamans by nature are ceremonialists as they understand how the act of performing such a ritual has a powerful influence on the deepest levels of our being.  It is similar to the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Indeed, it can be said that a ceremony is worth a thousand hours of psychological or physical work.


Ceremony is way of taking things out of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

It’s a way of moving things beyond the place of the mind into the hands of the divine. It involves opening a place between the visible and the invisible worlds where magic and miracles can happen. It is through Rites and Ceremony that the shaman shifts the world.


Traditionally shamans are the equivalent of priests in tribal communities.

As such they officiate over the various ceremonies in their tribe, from births to death, from Rites of Passage to Weddings. As a trained shaman, I am available to perform Fire Ceremonies, Birth Ceremonies, Weddings, Rites of Passage and Death Rites. I can design with you a ceremony to suit whatever your wants or dreams are. Some of these could include:

  • Weddings
  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Birth Ceremonies
  • Death Rites
  • Land, Home and Office Clearings & Protection

I have employed my shamanic gifts in all of the ceremonies mentioned below and more, and each time, the participants have noted the intensity and depth of the experience like never before.



Shamans have been officiating weddings for thousands of years.  A wedding marks an important transition and agreement between two people.  I work with both the Bride and Groom to come up with vows and a ceremony that fits their individual needs and dreams.

During the wedding ceremony I bring in all of the love and light from deep sources to make the ceremony special.  I frequently include the guests in the ceremony so that they can put forth their intentions for the couple and make the vows stronger.  In every wedding ceremony I call forth what the couple is desiring and help them achieve profound levels of joy in their marriage.

I create memorable wedding ceremonies for couples of all religious backgrounds and beliefs.  Please contact me to talk about your wedding and what you’d like to experience.


Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony is a rite that takes place around a fire ring. Each participant chooses some negative aspect of himself or herself that he/she is done embodying, like envy, being a victim or possessiveness. Within the protection of the four directions and Sacred Space this attribute is blown into a stick and burned up. In this context the stick is called a death arrow. It represents the death of an old part of your self.

This ceremony is a great way to clear your way for a transition or new beginning such as a birthday, an anniversary or following a breakup. It is an excellent way of marking a graduation to another level of spiritual evolution through healing, therapy or rehab.


Death Rites and Dying Consciously

The Greatest Journey

The Greatest Journey is a service designed for all persons involved in the dying process; the individual, family members, friends, hospice workers, and support groups. It offers a message of hope that helps to bring dignity and peace back to the dying process for all involved. This ceremony works to address the need for something greater than what is currently available. I provide tangible tools and ceremony for closure at the end of a person’s life.

Land, Home and Office Clearings & Protection

Land and buildings often contain unwanted energies or un-departed spirits.  These negative energies can adversely affect your life, your family and those who share the space.  It’s not unusual for these negatively charged spaces to cause arguments and rifts between people.

A negatively charged space can also derail your plans and obstruct your dreams.  I perform a ceremony to clear the energy or entity and protect the space.  I create a new energy in that space that will help you thrive.