Video: Shaman Jon Session and Preparation for Chelsea Handler’s New Show on Netflix Exploring Altered States and Ayahuasca

Shaman Session and Preparation for Chelsea Handler’s new Show on Netflix: Chelsea Does Drugs Episode | Altered States Part. Exploring Altered States through a session with Shaman Jon and in Preparation for Ayahuasca Sessions in Peru.


Always willing to show up with the work where asked, I was happy to help in the Altered States portion of this episode with a Shaman Session and preparations for Chelsea Handler‘s Ayahuasca journey. The team did a amazing job on this show, and Chelsea’s transformation is actually very palpable and moving.

This is one really good example of how the Shaman Session we did healing old wounds, reconnecting her in a healthy way with the Feminine, soul retrieval, and destiny retrieval (much edited out of course) helped make Chelsea’s ayahuasca sessions relatively gentle, nurturing, powerful and enlightening experiences for her. Comedians like Chelsea are some of the “Heyoka” medicine people of our time, and it’s great to see the empowerment and mastery continue to unfold.

Thanks to the show’s Field Producer, friend, and shaman colleague Melissa Tittl for contacting me and being great support, and my friends and shaman colleagues Ron KochevarJohn-o Mullin, and Michelle Wu for participating and holding great space. As well as long-time friend and colleagues Helen Forbes Stewart and Adam C. Hall for helping find the location to shoot (Leigh J. McCloskey‘s beautiful home).
It’s worth checking out all the episodes of ‪#‎ChelseaDoes‬ on Netflix. – Shaman Jon

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Chelsea Does Altered States


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