Post-Session Homework

The primary purpose of the “homework” is to help you integrate the changes we made in the core energetic layer into the mythic layer, the psycho-spiritual layer, and ultimately into the physical expression of your life. Our session is such big and accelerated work, that many interesting things can bubble-up for several days to weeks afterward.  Of course, not all experiences will be related to the work, but the following processes will offer a way for you to spend less time and energy dealing with whatever is happening with your mind and body, and just “take it to the mythic” until it passes.

Remember that approaching all of this with a playful attitude is most effective; and that there is no right or wrong way to do it, no rules. What comes to you and your imagination is valid and appropriate and will serve you on the continuation of your healing journey to full empowerment and freedom. Enjoy and be open to variations or completely different ways that you may be inspired to do to accomplish the integration.

Your unique session may not call for all of the homework processes.

We will have discussed this during your session.  There is no time limit as to when to start or stop each process, but they are designed to help support you after the profound work that we have done at the deepest level of your soul.  They can also be used anytime going forward in your life to continue to be an effective way of working through life issues.

Because humanity is still healing in general, life will continue to present challenges and opportunities to stay in your power and fully process events.  As a result, follow-up sessions can be very helpful, and many clients will do so on a regular basis, usually no more than once per month.

The follow-up sessions may include further comprehensive energy work, or simply tracking and coaching.

Because of the empowering nature of true shamanism, I like to defer to your own inner guidance as to whether or not you choose to engage in follow-up sessions. I do encourage checking in after a first session at least once within a month after the session.


The Sand Painting | Mandala | aka The Mythic Toilet

Find a space outdoors or indoors and make a circle out of stones, sticks, leafs, flowers, etc., really anything will do. This is the "toilet bowl" in which you will place all aspects of your old story. Place more oblects inside the circle, where each of the objects represents the people, places, events, and internal issues that made up your old story; the old map of your life and what you identified with when we first sat down together.  Then as any of the old experiences still bubble-up over the next several days, just recognize it as the old stuff, disengage with it, and instead blow it into another object and add it to the circle.

As you know, in the session we cleared the energies, imprints, etc. of this old map so that they would no longer inform who you are becoming, and we even jumped to the psycho-spiritual/thoughts/beliefs level to speed the integration up so the changes come quickly to your physical/literal life.

As you engage with your mandala by sitting and contemplating, the stone people, plant people, etc., and anything else going on around you, will give you more insights and understanding; they will tell you more of the story that you can shift.

You will get more understanding and insights into thoughts and habits of thought [beliefs] that you may want to change in order to step into your new map, your new vision that we also discussed as the goal of the session. Sit with your mandala and contemplate as long as you want each day for 3 days; you can even ask questions and get answers from it, and shift it around if you like. Also, if anything comes up during those 3 days that would normally bother you, like strong or heavy emotions/feelings or interactions with other people, instead of trying to deal with it, engage, or resolve it, etc. just blow it into another object and give it to your mandala for the mother earth to take care of it for you; these are part of the old story that is still draining and belongs to the earth.

This is a way of holding the space for yourself just as we did during your session, so that your healing can fully integrate without disruption.

At the end of the 3-day period, dismantle the mandala, dispersing all the objects back where they came from except for one piece. That one piece is the death arrow; meaning it is the death of the old map, so that the new map/vision can be born. Blow the completion of this healing session into that death arrow 3 times, just as we started our session, and bury or burn it. This mythically returns all the energies of that old map to the earth where they belong and can be mulched, just as we did energetically during the session.

This also reminds us of our connection to the earth always, and how we should allow the mother earth to take our heavy combusted/processed energies from us through your first chakra, so that we don’t carry them around anymore.

If you have other creative ways to accomplish what the sand painting/mandala accomplishes on the level of the mythic, feel free to substitute. Remember that the language of the mythic is images.

The language of the psycho-spiritual and literal is words, and the language of the core essential is the energy itself.


Ancestor Altar

If we cut the threads that were informing you from your connection to your ancestors or we did an extraction of the energy of an ancestor or someone close to you that had passed, a great way to work that in the mythic is with an ancestor altar.

Create the altar by placing a picture or object representing the person or persons along with a candle and some food or something that would be an offering that would please them. The point is to honor them, and make sure that they are where they belong and no longer following you around.

Some people would mistake this for ancestor worship, but this is not an act of worship, this is a practical way to make sure that you are never again under the influence of these non-physical entities, or by the threads of resentment, anger, or grief related to their physical life or their passing.


Salt Baths

As we did a kind of energetic surgery on your luminous energy field and chakras by removing the heavy toxic energies and crystallized imprints, salt baths help to soothe and smooth out and speed up the healing process. Take 3 or so of these during the two weeks following your session.


Dialogues for the Soul Retrieval or Destiny Retrieval

If we did a soul retrieval for you, an additional way to get more insights is to engage in dialogue with the soul part, the gift/treasure, and the power animal. A way to do this is to make 2 columns on a piece of paper and write your name over the left column, and write “soul part” over the right column. Then write a question in the left column, and allow your soul part to write the answer through you under the right column. You may start with “who are you?”, “why did you leave?”, “what changes can I make to keep you with me from now on?”, etc.

Do the same on separate pieces of paper with the gift and power animal. For example, you may ask “what do your represent in me and my life?”, “how can I best express you?”, “how will you help me?”, etc.

If we did a destiny retrieval, you can do the same thing with that energy that represents the you that you are becoming. Ask questions like “who are you?”, “what are the things I can do or changes I can make to become you fully?”, “what thoughts and beliefs would serve me best in achieving this destiny?”, etc.

And if you want to further explore on your own with the Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval journeys, here are two videos that you can listen to and follow along with. Both of these processes are powerful and possible to do on your own any number of times to strengthen your healed soul and dream your ideal world into being:

Soul Retrieval Journey

Destiny Retrieval Journey

Destiny Altar and Manifesting Your New Vision

After a Destiny Retrieval, it is great to create an altar or vision board that helps anchor the feeling of your ideal destiny.  You can use an image or symbol of yourself, surrounded by helpful aspects of nature such as your power animals, and helpful team members such as great beings.  Add images and/or symbols that help you feel what it will be like to be living and experiencing your goals.  If you want, you can tend to the altar by lighting candles or incense, and bringing flowers and gifts to it (you).  You can also feel and place objects representing how your great destiny will effect others around you and all of humanity.

Remember how the Universe works: “ask and it is given”, and that you are always asking by your dominant thoughts/vibrations whether conscious or unconscious. There are many tools and techniques for being more conscious and deliberate in asking for what you want, in choosing the thoughts that serve best more of the time and getting into the feeling place that most effectively sends the signal and puts you in the receiving mode.

Remember to dig deep for the feeling of the experience of what you want (as opposed to stating or thinking what you don’t want. Remember the Universe doesn’t hear the words “don’t” and “no”, etc., that is just the contrast helping you to be more clear about what you do want). And really you only need to ask once, then spend the rest of the time choosing the thoughts that feel best in any given moment and situation, because when you are feeling good, you are a vibrational match to what you’ve asked for and you are therefore allowing it to manifest. And as you practice choosing the thought that feels better, you’ll have access to even better thoughts, and you may even refine what you are asking for.

Noticing that it hasn’t manifested yet, is another way of asking for not having it and therefore not allowing it to manifest. So be playful and find excuses to feel good. Have fun with this, it’s the joy of the process that we really came here for, so be gentle with yourself as you practice and get more and more supporting evidence.

Start your day finding things to appreciate and then getting into the feeling place of how you want your day to go. Pre-journal the experiences you want, whether in the next hour, day, week, year, and so on. If you’re not sure what you want, ask for clarity, ask to know what you want.

In practicing being in your power in this way, you are doing more for the world that you can imagine and you are a shining example of the well-being available to all those around you and they learn to come into their power as loving and joyful co-creators as well.


Working with Relationships and Shadow

Shadow work can be very challenging, but tremendously powerful and effective very quickly. The basic principle is this: Anytime you are experiencing a person or persons whose behavior bothers you significantly and you cannot seem to figure out how you could possibly have attracted them into your experience, there is an opportunity for you to embrace a part of you that you have never wanted to own, look at, or may not even know about.

It is called shadow, precisely because it is hiding and probably unconscious to you.

By the Universal Law of Resonance you are receiving an exaggerated version of it through others so that you may actually start to shine a light on it and take a look, and then it is no longer shadow and you no longer attract the experience of those exaggerated behaviors from anyone.

The real trick is that when you find that you too have or are capable of exhibiting that same behavior, that it is not about judging yourself and trying to get rid of that behavior, but paradoxically allowing and forgiving yourself for it, and actually embracing it as a part of who you are, albeit a very very small part that hardly ever shows up.

One way to do it is to reflect back on your life and see if there were times when others may have perceived you as exhibiting that behavior; or another way is to think of situations and circumstances where you may be compelled to act that way; and again not only forgive yourself for it, but actually recognize its value at times, how it may actually serve at times.

The difficult part of this comes from not wanting to admit that we aren’t perfect saints (as we have been taught to try and become and of which there is not one legitimate example as such in the history of mankind) and also the fear that if we embrace the behavior it will take over. Nothing could be further from the truth, you will always be the mostly good person that you are and that is at the core of your true nature.

Remember, what you push against gets bigger, what you resist persists, and what you embrace disappears.

It is a great exercise in letting go of self-judgment and hence the judgment of others, which I believe is the single greatest problem facing the human species today and is responsible for a great many of the other problems. Try this and watch how quickly your experiences of those bothersome people disappear. Do it enough and after a while you will find it difficult to be bothered by anything or anybody. It is one of the final steps to full empowerment and freedom.

Fire Ceremony and Opening Sacred Space

The Four Winds Fire Ceremony


A Process for Making Big Choices

When you are faced with a big life-changing choice like changing careers or moving, etc. there is a wonderful exercise that clients have found helpful.  Basically create two columns on a piece of paper and title the left column as LOVE and the right column as FEAR.  Then think of statements as to why you would or wouldn't make a certain choice.  And if the statement is based on fear, for example the statement "If I don't take this job, I might miss out on further opportinities" then you write it under the FEAR column.  Whereas the statement "I love the people that work for this company" would go under the LOVE column.  The choice that falls mostly on the LOVE column is the choice to make, since making big decisions based on fear tend not to work out in the long run.

Also, please visit the Blog Page for the latest videos and articles sharing now insights, tools and journeys.

Extra Tools Including the Kahuna Break

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