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Release the past and find your ideal destiny with Sessions & Ceremony

Advisement, Guidance & Teachings

Over the years I have developed a unique and renowned ability to explain complex concepts in a way that everyone can understand.  I have addressed and educated people from all walks of life, beliefs, religions, sciences, and cultures in a way that creates a bridge of understanding, thoughtfulness, and enlightenment without fail.

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Group Sessions

In groups, the influence can go both ways, where an individual is influenced by others in the group, and the group as a whole is influenced by individuals.  My work with groups and organizations clears out old patterns and calls in the ideal destiny that the group desires.  It’s powerful work that cutting edge organizations are now tapping into.

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Couple & Partner Sessions

Whether you've been married for years or are a young couple or business partners,  my powerful work clears out old patterns, facilitates conflict resolution, and calls in the ideal destiny that the partnership desires.

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Jon Rasmussen Conducting a Wedding Ceremony

Individual Sessions

As part of all sessions, through a process of dialogue, you will also learn many tools to help you to continue the process on your own. You will step into the powerful and joyful role of deliberate co-creator of your life experience.

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Shamanic Ceremony

The modern world has a fairly rich experience with ceremony.  From school graduations, partnerships, breaking ground, ribbon cuttings, awards, blessings, and initiations of various kinds, ceremony is highly valued across all cultures.

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Still have questions for Jon? Check out his Frequently Asked Questions responses. He has taken the time to answer many questions you may have — candidly and from the heart.

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