Connect with Sacred Sites and Local Healers around the world.

I love to share my extensive travel experience and the unique individuals, shamans, healers, and teachers I have met throughout the world.  Through exclusive travel partnerships, I can lead groups on beautifully rich and luxurious tours to some of the most sacred and hidden spots on the planet.  The tours not only go beyond expectations within the five senses, but the connections and ceremonies with local medicine men and woman also offer a profoundly enlightening and transforming experience on every level.  I’m open to requests to join you or your group on private and custom tours.

I will be considering trips to sacred sites in the following parts of the world and open to requests to join private tours:

  • Peru
  • Ireland and Great Britain
  • ..and more

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2017:  Sacred Masters Retreat, Xinalani, Mexico,  May 13 – 20

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2016:  Luxurious and Powerful Peru Journey – The Best of Both Worlds,  April 25 – May 6

In addition to the rich experiences of this amazing land, your shaman tour leader, Jon Rasmussen will guide you in a deep connection to the energy, spirits, and Ayahuasca shaman medicine of the jungle and the Q’ero shaman medicine of the valleys and mountains of Peru. In ceremony with the local medicine men and women, you will learn the great teachings and receive rites that connect you directly to the wisdom of the ages and an opportunity to heal, awaken, and shift to an even greater power and freedom in your life.  You will enjoy the beauty, comfort, and safety of the finest accommodations , food, and transportation, as well as the best local guides in order to get the most out of this amazing journey.
This journey starts by taking you into the heart of the Amazon jungle where you experience not only nature at its most visually stunning with incredible flora and fauna, but also the power of the Ayahuasca sessions with the indigenous Indian shamans.You then continue into the Sacred Valley of the Incas where you visit some of the most important sites of the area including Ollantaytambo and the bustling market of Pisac. You will also meet the Q’ero Indians who consider themselves the last descendants of the Incas and according to tradition, their ancestors defended themselves from the invading Spanish conquistadors with the aid of local mountain deities. Shamanism is an integral part of their lives and they worship Mother Nature (Pachamama) as well as other mountain spirits.Located within the mountainous Urubamba Valley, Machu Picchu’s extreme location and its importance as an ancient citadel of the Incas makes it one of the most spiritual places on earth and one of the great highlights of Peru. You also visit the delightful town of Cusco which is also steeped in the rich cultural history of the Incan people.Surrounded by volcanoes and with the Colca River snaking its way through the heart of the gorge, the beautiful Colca Canyon is your next stop. Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, this is an area of outstanding natural beauty. This is one of the best places in South America to see the rare, iconic Condor as well as enjoying some great hiking, horse back riding and relaxing the natural thermal pools.We hope you can join us on this extraordinary trip, which offers a wonderful balance of spiritual awakening, comfort and adventure!
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The Journey for 2015 was cancelled and we will consider offering a journey in 2016. For any questions about the flights to and from Lima and other trip details, please contact:

Elizabeth Peace

tel: (805) 284-5353







Shaman Jon Rasmussen Machu Pichu Sacred Site

Despacho Ceremony with Shamans in Peru

Sacsayhuaman Peru Shaman Trip

Testimonials from the Peru 2012 Trip



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