Practitioners, Programs, Products, and Services that Jon Recommends


These are powerful people who have been clients and students of Jon's and the Four Winds and have created programs, products, and  shamanic services that are similar, and in Jon's view and idea that the student leap-frogs the teacher often better, and / or complementary to Jon's work.

Jenn Edwards  |  Monterey, California

For powerful and comprehensive soul, body, mind, and mythic shamanic healing based in the Monterey Bay Area, I highly recommend working with Jenn Edwards.  Jenn is a masterful healer with strong foundation and experience in Psychology, Dance Movement Therapy, and Shamanism, and also a student of mine that has taken the work to greater levels..     

831 324 3667


Molly Maguire | Energy Medicine

I have had the great privilege of witnessing and receiving Molly's blessed and truly unique and leading-edge healing gifts, and adding all of the teachings and rites that I have received.

Harmony Elemental


Olivia Weil | Shaman

Olivia's shamanic training and work are at the highest level. Her life experiences and communications skills across a broad spectrum of life make her a very gifted shaman and coach. She also partnered with me to create the New Ascension Rites online course that takes all of the work beyond the leading-edge. or


Ron Kochevar  |  Los Angeles, California

Ron is an impeccable and highly gifted shaman.  Here is a man that has done his work to such a degree that the forces of nature flow freely through him and his work with tremendous purity and power.  His work on me and my loved ones has been nothing short of miraculous.  He's got it all, and I am proud and honored to have been his mentor.  In the true spirit of shamanism, Ron has taken the work well beyond his teacher's.

213 268 9979


Dylan Rumley | Hypnotherapy and Coaching

I highly recommend the neuro-wellness, hypnotherapy and coaching work of my friend Dylan Rumley to further your progress:

Dylan Rumley - Neuro Wellness

Dr. Maura Cohen | Shamanic Psychology Practice

I studied and have collaborated with Dr. Cohen for over 15 years.

She brings a wide lens to her practice focus on the Depressive and Anxiety Disorders, Trauma, Grief, and Couples Therapy as well as her sub-specialty of Therapy with Professional Athletes.  The practice now offers Entheogenic Therapies including Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy to address treatment-resistant depression and other conditions calling for profound and immediate psychological effect.

Maura S. Cohen, Psy.D.



OmniSafira | Spiritual Healing & Holistic Wellness, Monterey, Ca

Safira is a powerful shaman sister whose comprehensive healing, coaching, visionary and artistic abilities are definitely at the leading edge.

OmniSafira - Holistic Approaches to the Art of Living


Paul Lubicz  |  The Wellbeing Manager, Los Angeles, Ca

I've know and worked with Paul for over a decade, and he has the greatest and most comprehensive combination of leading-edge knowledge and approaches to overall health and well-being for Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Check out his Amino Nuero Frequency Therapy.


Anne Marie Pizarro | Body Energy Connection and Akashic Record Session

A clear and powerful connection directly to your Akashic Record and Soul Counsel to answer questions you have about any and every aspect of your life.  And powerful healing work.


Jesus Priestess |  Los Angeles, California

"The work focuses on the empowerment and healing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Through a range of practices such as shamanic extraction and soul retrieval, Reiki, and Christian Ritual, each session is specifically and Divinely Guided for each person."  - Catherine J.P.

323 687 0222

Melissa Mary - Dream Medicine |  Wellington, New Zealand

"Melissa's Dream Medicine is one of the most unique and deeply powerful shamanic sessions that I have ever experienced."  - Shaman Jon

Melissa carries out her work on the astral plane and brings forth healing and information. She works in the dreamstate and she dreams your dreams.

Carolin Nobles - Sing Your Song |  Wellington, New Zealand

"Carolin did some powerful tracking and dreaming that was very significant and important for my journey, and then she helped to clear and redirect with her beautiful medicine song that she created to heal the situation and my bring in my ideal destiny." - Shaman Jon

Carolin works with source energy and sound to create a healing field for body, mind and soul by using her voice and other instruments. Plus she empowers people to sing their song and express themselves authentically.

Brooke Medicine Eagle  |  Missoula, Montana

PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS & RETREATS -  "My work with you as an individual - in person or via phone - is more and more powerful and beneficial. And I now have a beautiful place in Montana for a few months where you can come and spend time in personal retreat with me! Check out the information on my website under Offerings."  - Brooke Medicine Eagle

PO Box 1444 Missoula, MT 59806


Kate Moriah  |  Lynnwood, Washington

"Kate is tremendously gifted healer and shaman.  I've had the privilege of working with Kate and would recommend anyone and everyone to experience her natural born gifts and magnificent spiritual team.  She is a true star sister, and the world is blessed to have her presence and medicine here.  
Kate is located in Lynnwood, Washington." - Shaman Jon Rasmussen

805 538 BOOM


Ninotchka  |  Marin County, California

"Ninotchka is a very powerful psychic, medium, healer, and story teller." - Shaman Jon Rasmussen

415 851 5433


Jenifer Legge  |  Sausalito, California

"I’ve had two of the most insightful and comprehensive healing sessions with Jeniffer Legge using the amazing Body Code 2.0 system. Jeniffer is based in Sausalito, CA and does her sessions over the phone equally effectively, and also travels to work with groups all over the world. She has also published a great book." - Shaman Jon Rasmussen


Neenah  |  Portland, Oregon

"Neenah is a powerful healer who I have known and worked with over a number of years. She has a rich medicine background including the initiation rites from my lineage. Neenah is now based in Portland, Oregon. I highly recommend seeing her."  - Shaman Jon Rasmussen


Winnie Lam  |  Menlo Park, California

"Like myself, Winnie has a rich background in healing traditions and science, and I have been privilaged to work with her on her powerful journey as a modern shaman"  - Shaman Jon Rasmussen



Willka Yachay |  Peruvian Goods

"Willka Yachay is and NGO that is supporting the Q’ero villages and people in the best way that I know. I encourage you to support their projects to give back to all that we have received from them across the Globe." - Shaman Jon Rasmussen


The Four Winds Society |  Shamanic Training

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