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Over the last 50 years, I have witnessed and personally experienced chi gong masters, yogis and shamans access the energies of that 96% of space-time that modern science could not explain or access, and produce spontaneous healings and manifestations of all kinds – the “miracles” that should be the norm.

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen that a very small percentage of people on the planet would ever have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the relatively small number of these masters of this universal energy field.  I had enough hope and an obvious calling to use these gifts myself to play my part as a shaman over the last 20 years, but the world’s problems have continued to mount nonetheless.

Since studying the sciences as a child, particularly physics and ultimately becoming and electrical engineer, I had often thought and dreamt of technologies for energy, food, environment and healing that could truly solve our problems on a mass scale.  I knew enough to recognize that working with Newton’s laws of physics and the 4% of matter and energy that could be measured was never going to get us there.  And Quantum theory was just theory that seemed hard to ever put into practical use in this way.  And I watched many false attempts at “free energy” devices come and go, and other wild claims and conspiracies that I could see were a waste of time.  This is another way that my very healthy skepticism and scientific mind have served me well.

But the one thing I knew since my youth that would hold promise was the phenomenon of Resonance. I understood the work and efficacy of Royal Rife immediately.  I have a close friend that worked directly with Marcel Vogel who developed a real technology to access Resonance and coherence to produce miraculous healings and manifestations as well -(her book about this will be published in a few weeks).  I immediately understood the theories and scientific work of Manjir Samanta-Laughton and Nassim Haramein as at least two legitimate scientists that were/are on the right track.  I just didn’t know if there would ever be enough people to see what I saw, and the money and courage to develop it while facing the threats and pressures of the old-paradigm corporate interests.

So I pretty much forgot about it all as something for far in the future, and have kept doing my shamanic work toward the vision of the ideal world I have been speaking and writing about for years and decades… until a couple of months ago.  That’s when I got a call from two dear friends and clients that happened to synchronistically find themselves working at the same company – Resonant Technologies Group  .

For over 15 years now, and under the radar for the most part, an investor and visionary named Mark Hinds along with Nassim Haramein and a small group of the most gifted scientists, visionaries, inventors and entrepreneurs have been creating, or finding and buying, the real and commercially scalable technologies that I had been dreaming of; and, they are ready to be made available to the world starting by the end of this year through 2021.

Through the use of Resonance science and induced coherence, they have a device that can read your voice and diagnose what your body needs, and then use the same technology to deliver it.  They have a device that can increase crop yields without the need for pesticides and fertilizers.  They have motors that are 200+% more efficient that any conventional motor or engine. And I think most importantly for a solution to the climate crisis, they have a battery that can last significantly longer than any existing battery technology.  This alone will allow us to finally and quickly significantly reduce fossil fuels in energy and transportation.  They have a device that can activate and direct the VSEL Stem Cells that have been in your body before birth and that can re-grow any type of cell. They also have a powerful and effective immunotherapy.  And these are just a few of the 11 companies under their umbrella that are effectively using the new paradigm of Resonance science to create affordable and scalable products.

Imagine an affordable electric vehicle that has a range of 3000 miles between charges instead of currently 300 – and the impact that also has on the affordability and scalability of solar and wind, and all forms of transportation and industry.  And it all helps you heal while you’re driving it or around it because of the coherence it creates in the energy field and therefore your body’s own energy field.

This is very clearly and rationally to me the biggest scientific and technological paradigm shift in the history of humanity, and just in time to be the solution to the daunting problems we are now fully aware of regarding climate change, food, health and energy.  This is it – we actually did it.  This is the real deal, and RTG is in the process of presenting to, and getting support from, some of the most influential and financially capable people around the world with pure heart and intention.

So I am excited and privileged to be made aware of and share this with you – my closest circle – with the same heart and vision.  I’m helping to spread the word and offer the opportunity, for those who can, to get involved either by investing, licensing the technologies or spreading the word as well.  We have all been wondering how we could possibly “save the world” within the next 12 years or much sooner, and I can say with confidence that this is our best shot.

If you or someone you know would like more detailed information, or to meet with Mark Hinds and the team to explore the opportunities to get involved, please let me know.



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