My Shaman’s View of Where the World is Headed Right Now

A friend asked me recently where the world is headed.  The question arose out of the obvious turmoil represented by the financial crisis, effects of climate change, and effects of major fear and greed driven blunders like those coming from North Korea, the Middle East, and British Petroleum.  The answer that came through surprised even myself.  It reminds of one of the core tenets of shamanism, that things aren’t always what they seem.  The bottom line of the question was that things don’t seem to be going very well for our species and others at the moment and it is all placing a psychological strain on many as well.  And these are just taking into account mainstream observation and data; not mentioning the more esoteric prophecies and fringe science related to the “end of the world.”

But here is the hope-inspiring answer to the question of where we are headed: The magnitude of the current events is creating a widespread shift in conscious awareness from the inside out.  There is nothing like direct experience to accelerate the learning and awakening curve. No amount of preaching and teaching from the outside seems to do the job. Essentially this is how it seems to be happening.  Our Earth and our man-made systems are reacting the way all natural systems react when out of balance.  And this rebalancing will lead to a more intelligent, awakened, sustainable, and peaceful experience going forward.  Contrary to the more pessimistic belief that things are spinning increasingly out of control and to a point of no return, what we are experiencing is the critical point of a u-turn back to a new level of possibilities and probabilities for greater beauty and complexity for our species and the rest of the planet’s souls.  This is the great awakening that will lead to a millennium of gold and a thousand years of peace spoken of in many prophecies.  The new balance and greater consciousness will bring greater economic, environmental, and psychological stability and improved relationships on all levels.

The saying “It is always darkest before the dawn” seems to be at play here.  Creation is “driven” by and experienced through contrast.  Nature seems to seek greater contrast.  So to the extent that pain has increased, so pleasure will increase.  The magnitude of pain and pleasure must be equal, but the time duration of each is arbitrary, and ultimately our choice.  We have come now to a point where the duration of pain versus the duration of pleasure is no longer tolerable for a critical mass, and this is driving the shift, the “Pachakuti.”  The relatively small percentage of more sensitive people have a lower level of tolerance for pain that may have been reached already decades ago. And this shift couldn’t have happened soon enough for them.  But if we hang-in-there just a little longer, maybe a year or two or less, we will see what we have been waiting for.  I know this “learning the hard way” isn’t pretty, but rest assured the other side of it is beautiful.

More on Personal Timing
I encourage you to recognize and honor your own, and other’s, relationship to time. Another way to say it is: your pace.  Everyone operates at his or her own speed.  Like computers have different rates for their CPU’s.  One may be 1 GHz. and another 4 GHz.  If your internal clock or processing speed is 4 GHz, you may get impatient or bored around a 1 GHz environment or people.  If you run at 1 GHz, you may get overwhelmed or burnt out trying to keep of in a 4 GHz environment.  A person whose core processing nature is relatively faster, may feel like they are under performing if they are not running at full speed.  A person whose core speed is relatively slower, can for some time run faster, but will be stressed and eventually burn out; just like a computer would (for those who know about over-clocking CPU’s).

The most important point here is to recognize that everyone has their own internal clocking that needs to be recognized and honored.  And in the world of the masculine warrior, we have tended to value the faster over the slower; but this is a fallacy.  There is no definitive across-the-board value judgment that can be assigned to speed; so please love and value your own pace and respect that of other’s, and choose freely where and how you want to dance with time.


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