Moments of Nirvana

You may find that you are increasingly experiencing what I call “tastes of home.”  These are glimpses and even small journeys through the door between the reality we have become accustomed to over the last several thousand years, and the reality that is more of our longer term nature, our true home.  This home reality seems new and unusual to most people who are conscious enough to recognize the difference in the first place.  This home-like experience is referred to in many different ways, but commonly, Heaven on Earth, The Garden of Eden, Nirvana, Siddha Loka, 5th world, and many others.  It is what is on the other side of what is commonly referred to now as the Shift, Rapture, Pachakuti, 2012 and many others.  You may recognize these tastes of home in connections with other people, moments alone, or really anywhere.  These experiences have little or nothing to do with the form that brings them, and much more to do with getting used to being back home again, and the response of your asking for the experience in general.  So please enjoy your little jaunts through the Garden when they find you, even if you have to come back to your current reality and responsibilities.  There is no other decision or analysis required, for if the prophecies are correct, it won’t be long before the experience of our true home is the norm.

And please remember to fully express yourself when the current reality annoys you… it will help keep you healthy.

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