The meditation techniques presented here, are very powerful, easy, and practical for the modern lifestyle in that they require little time, no special preparation and can be practiced anywhere at anytime with tremendous results.

The common misconception that the goal of meditation is to turn off your thoughts completely, often leads to frustration then giving up altogether. The reasons for and benefits of meditating are many, and I would encourage any of them as a mainstay in an integral approach to mind/body/spirit wellbeing. Often, the most common goals of meditation are to obtain the state of mind and body awareness that you want, the greatest of which may be called “Witness” consciousness. Usually this means to be centered, calm, relaxed, focused, and in the moment of now; and also to be aware of what is happening with our bodies, our feelings, and our thoughts, even in the most adverse circumstances of life.

Also, the deep breathing practices alone have tremendous health benefits. The most powerful meditation is to align your thoughts and feelings with your desired experience, and you know you’re doing that when you are feeling good. Hopefully, one or more of these techniques will be enjoyable enough for you to practice on a regular basis until it becomes and innate part of your being. And, like playing a musical instrument, at some point you no longer need to practice, you just play.


  1. The first practice helps you achieve awareness of your body so that you can recognize when you are holding tension and let it go by purposely creating contrast. This one is excellent to do while lying in bed at the end of the day.
    • Be in any comfortable position; take 3 deep breaths feeling the air course through your body. Close your eyes for the rest of the meditation.
    • Place your attention first on your feet and gently tense or squeeze the muscles of your feet, then release. Notice how each state feels, notice the contrast. Do this squeezing and releasing 3 times for each major muscle group all the way up your body: feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, back, chest, arms, shoulders, neck and head.
    • Scan back through your body starting at the feet just to notice if you are still holding tension in any part of your body and release it, and remember to breath.
    • The more you practice this the more you will be aware of your body and where it might be tense, and you will be able to release it. If you fall asleep, that’s good too, you probably need the rest more than anything else at the moment, for without enough energy, there is very little of anything we can do.
  2. This next meditation is wonderful for relaxing and broadening our perspective so that we are not caught up as much in the various contrasting experiences and dramas.
    • Start with the three deep breaths and scanning your body for any places that you can let go.
    • Allow your consciousness to drop down from behind your eyes, to behind your mouth, as if you are looking out through your mouth, then your throat, then and your chest from behind your heart, where you see your heart in front of you beating. Imagine seeing the heart and the lungs expanding and contracting on either side.
    • Enter into your heart and see it pumping the blood all around you as the muscles rhythmically contract and the valves open and close. In the center of your heart see a small sphere of bluish golden and white light; enter that sphere of light, which is the center of your luminous body and is outside of the confines of ordinary space and time.
    • Merge with the light as if you are anywhere along its edge looking into the space held within the sphere.
    • With each inhalation, allow the sphere to expand, first surrounding your heart, then your chest, then your whole body, then the room, then the building, the city, the state, the country, the continent, and the whole earth. You can keep going to the solar system, the galaxy and out to the edge of the Universe if you wish.
    • Whenever you want, reverse the expansion and bring your consciousness and the sphere of light back around each space until you are back inside your heart.
    • Step out of the sphere of light into your heart seeing the blood moving carrying the nutrients and oxygen even better than before.
    • Back out of the heart and return up to behind your eyes and open your eyes.
  3. This next technique is somewhat similar in nature to the first, and can be added to the end of it as well. It’s good for cleansing and for strengthening your connection to your Source of energy and to the Earth that takes our wastes/combusted energy and recycles it. Both very important connections for maintaining your energy and your feeling of support and nurturing.
    • Be in any comfortable position; take 3 deep breaths feeling the air course through your body. Close your eyes for the rest of the meditation.
    • Now, as you inhale see a column of light coming in to the top of your head, and see the light going to every cell of your body. The column of light can originate in space, from the world of the non-physical source, or from the Sun.
    • As you exhale, see a column of light going out the bottom of your body/torso (your perineum) into the Earth. This light contains any wastes from your cells that the new light coming in has cleansed.
    • Do this for as long as you like. You may have noticed when you do these visualizations, you are not thinking of anything else: that’s meditation, focusing on only one thing.
  4. Another good meditation for focus and awareness can be done while walking. There is a variation for whether you are walking to get somewhere or just walking for the purpose of this meditation.
    • If just for the purpose of meditation, as you slowly take each step, feel the ground under your feet, noticing every variation in pressure and balance.
    • If you are going somewhere, coordinate your breathing with your steps; for example, inhale for 3 steps, exhale for 3 steps. Any meditation with breath as a focus is powerful.
  5. This technique is borrowed from Eastern sources that is related to breath and makes use of the vibration of words, in this case Sanskrit, where both the meaning and the vibration is beneficial. Also, this meditation can be done at any time an anywhere since your eyes can be open.
    • Be in any comfortable position; take 3 deep breaths feeling the air course through your body. Close your eyes for the part of the meditation and open them for part to feel the difference.
    • From now until you feel finished, as you inhale say to yourself silently the word “hahm”, and as you exhale say to yourself silently the word “sah”.
    • Essentially what you are saying in meaning is “I am that.” This is similar to the Native American concept and way of relating to the external world by saying for example “that tree in me, that mountain in me, that person in me,” so that there is a constant unity consciousness. The lack of separateness helps relax us and reduce anxiety.
    • Try the meditation using your own language for “I am” on the inhalations, and “that” on the exhalations and notice any difference from the Sanskrit. Most of my clients notice that the Sanskrit is more effective because the language was created with the vibratory nature of the words in mind.
  6. This next set of practices is amazing for developing awareness and for focusing on the moment of now.
    • Wherever you are close your eyes and listen to every sound that is available to you. Search with your ears for even the subtlest sounds.
    • Next, open your eyes and notice every color, shade, and texture that is available for you to see.
    • Then close your eyes again and feel every feeling available; for example, temperature variation on your skin, the air passing through your nose and into your lungs, your heartbeat, the pressure of your feet on the ground, or body on the seat or ground.
    • Now, with your eyes closed, see the sounds (see them as sound waves, not the object making the sound). Then open your eyes and hear the colors, or feel the colors. This is called synesthesia. And it is not the goal to be able to actually do this, but it is in the act of attempting it that you are totally focused and training your mind in awareness. This can also lead to an altered state of consciousness that could give you tremendous insights.
    • Another variation of this practice would be to attempt to take in all that is available to every sense at the same time.
  7. When we are in a room with another person or people, we send out “feelers” or chords from our energy body, usually from around our belly, to connect with them, just like we connect with them through the physical senses of our eyes, ears, and skin (which are all just energy transducers as well). This can also happen over the phone or just thinking of the person. This aspect of engaging is how we can intuit how they are feeling, and empathize with them. This can be very helpful in many ways, whether it is with a friend, family member, or client that we are helping to heal, or in a business meeting, or sales call. The problem arises in that we are usually unconscious of making this energetic connection and therefore often fail to disengage or draw back the chord when we are no longer with that person or group of people. We have not been taught how to disengage. The result is that through both time and space we are wasting energy maintaining this connection through which neither you nor the other party benefits. Enough of these accumulated energetic chords can cause chronic fatigue, failure to be able to let go of an emotionally charged situation, and/or tons of unwanted thoughts, often confused as attention deficit disorder. The shamans are taught early on to consciously cut these chords, and will even meditate by literally crossing a sword or feather in front of our bodies to do it mythically as well. The following practice is helpful in gaining awareness of the chords and how they can serve us, and how to disengage.
    • Find a nearby tree (can be done with a stone, animal, or person as well but a tree is best for practice because our relationship with it is neutral).
    • Consciously send a column of light from your belly to the tree. Do this more with your feeling than your mind. It may be helpful to start by bringing your consciousness from behind your eyes down into the light in your heart first, just as we did in the second technique, and/or down to behind your solar plexus.
    • Allow your consciousness to travel through the chord to the tree and into the entire tree.
    • Feel the roots in the ground, the water coursing up the trunk and out the branches to the leaves through every cell of your tree body.
    • Feel the breeze and the sunlight on your leaves, and the process of converting the sun to food.
    • Sense all that is going on with that tree.
    • You will also have the memories of the tree as it grew from a tiny sapling each day the sun wrapping another band of light around your trunk and branches. And of the seasons and people that have come and gone around you. All seeming to move with the speed of a hummingbird from your long-term tree perspective.
    • When you are ready, return through the energy chord to your body and feel once again all that is going on in your human body. Feel your breath, the blood coursing through your veins, and the joy of being so highly mobile.
    • Now consciously retract the chord back to your body or dissolve it and see your energy body around you as a smooth egg, retracting or dissolving any other chords that may be out there. The only chords that remain or into the top of your head from your Source, and out of the bottom of your torso to the Earth, so that you look like a pearl on a string.
    • Retract or dissolve any chord in the same way anytime you find yourself thinking of a person or past event or future event that you don’t need to be engaged in at the moment, or anytime you are having trouble focusing your thoughts, or when you feel inexplicably low in energy.
    • You can supplement the mental aspect of this technique with a literal and mythic practice such as tracing over your body with a knife, sword, feather, or hands. I use a technique called the “Kahuna break” that involves rubbing the hands together at solar plexus level, pushing one hand away from the body three times, then using the other had to cut down in front of the body and back up to “zip-up” the energy body.
  1. This technique is based on the Rule of Receptivity, which means that everything you ever asked for is on its way as long as you are a vibrational match to it – and you know you are a vibrational match to everything you’ve ever asked for when you are feeling good in any given moment. So if there are things that you can’t help observing, thinking about, or talking about, in the moment based on your current state of perception that aren’t making you feel good, then try this 30 second meditation. I call it the 30-second fantasy, and the goal is to get in, feel good, and get out.
    • Close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere beautiful, and the temperature is perfect, you are perfectly comfortable, and all your senses are experiencing pure pleasure. I use a pristine beach with the most beautiful sand and water that I’ve ever seen. The temperature is perfect, the sky is beautiful, and I’m drinking my favorite drink that was made the best it has ever been made and tastes like nectar.
    • You may have someone with you that you are laughing with and enjoying exhilarating conversation with.
    • Now get out, and open your eyes. The idea is to stay in not much more than 30 seconds, just long enough to feel good and before anything or anyone comes along that doesn’t feel so good.
    • It is helpful to choose a location and person/people that are a total fantasy, so that any old experiences or feelings whether conscious or unconscious do not interfere.
  2. In conjunction with the 30-second fantasy for allowing, there are several techniques for clearly and deliberately asking for what you desire in the first place; one such method I call “pre-journaling”. First thing upon waking in the morning is to go on a rampage of appreciation for all that is in your life, then acknowledge with gratitude and get in the feeling place of all that is on it’s way either for that day, or for longer time frames, or even shorter segments of time, like your next meeting. You can write it on paper, or in your mind. The idea is to not so much imagine the exact course of events, which you can, but to make sure you feel the feeling that you want to feel as the events unfold. And remember to dig to the very core of whatever it is that you desire; for example do you want a million dollars, or do you want to be able to do whatever you enjoy most whenever you want; or, for another example, do you want to own a carpet, or do you really just want warmth and comfort under your feet. To the extent that you can ask for exact details of your manifestation with no feelings of resistance, that is great. But, if there is any feeling of resistance, then you are not a vibrational match, and it may be helpful to be more general and allow the Universe to give you the experience you want in some other form of manifestation.
  3. I think this is a great place to add that evidence suggests, and I have heard from the Abraham material as well that our religious practices of worship and contemplation, singing hymns, for example can be effective at getting us aligned with our desires and with Source depending on the approach. This will be obvious to many who practice, and it will be helpful to be mindful of this purpose as the practices are performed; as opposed to say doing it because you will be punished if you don’t. The religious and spiritual practices are successful to the extent that they help you to feel good, support your faith in the concept of ask and it is given, and are directed toward what you want as opposed to pushing against what you don’t want.
  4. And less obvious perhaps, and also from the Abraham material, is that there is no greater mass connection to Source that occurs unintentionally than during a sporting event such as a football game. So if you can’t make it to church, temple, mosque, or ashram go watch your favorite team. This one really helped me to humbly understand and allow the concept that there is equal value in my brother’s watching games all weekend as there was in my meditating all weekend in an ashram. Enjoy!