Updated Manifesting Techniques

From Dale Allen Hoffman’s CD “Five Layers of Conscious Creation” . My highest recommendation is this CD set as well as all other of Dale’s materials and book. This is the clearest of the manifesting teachings that I have explored to date, and a perfect complement to our shamanic work and the world’s greatest wisdom.

In being directed to the work of Godfre’ Ray King and the teachings of St. Germain, who has always been with me as well, and only recently making it clear that he wants to dialogue more, I have found that the manifesting techniques that he provides are the clearest, most comprehensive, and powerful that I now know.  So I wanted to consolidate and share the steps with you, and keep my original steps below for comparison.

  1. Determine your desired experience to be manifested.  Make sure it is constructive and worthy of your time and effort.  Not just a whim or gratification of your physical senses.  Make sure it is of service to humanity in some way, or expands creation, versus just satisfying your own appetite or habits.  Be very careful that there isn’t the slightest expense to another by you benefiting from this manifestation.
  2. Write down your desired experiences as comprehensively as you can.  This creates a map or blueprint of sorts to anchor your conscious thoughts.  You can also create a vision board, altar, or ritual of more symbolic pictures, art, poetry, music or movement that helps anchor your subconscious mythic layer, and aids in getting in the feeling place of the experiences.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine in your mind’s eye the desired experiences, manifestation, and activity in its completion and feel it completely in ever part of your body.  This connects you completely to and allows you to channel the Source within you and all around you that is the true creator.
  4. Read your written desired manifestation as often as you can throughout the day, and particularly just before you go to sleep.
  5. Do not discuss your desire or the process with anyone, nor talk to yourself about it other than the steps above.  Let it go, and do not take notice of whether or not is has happened yet, or if and how it will come to into being.
  6. Recognize that this no longer has to do with you as ego, but is in God’s/Sources hands as to when, how, and in what form it will manifest.  At this point you are just a conduit for the process, and you will get to enjoy it as you witness it come into fruition.
  7. Recognize that this process has brought you into unity, oneness with the creator and creation, God/Source, and any and all conditions including time, space, and any other limitation that you may add to this as a separate being will only nullify your process and keep it from manifesting.  When you acknowledge that there is just this One, then there can be no opposing forces, just perfect expansion of creation through this manifestation process.  “You are the Creator localized” – St. Germain speaking to Godre’ Ray King in “Unveiled Mysteries”.  Know that in that oneness, all things are possible.

The Five Steps to Dreaming Your World Into Being

I offer this five-step guide for the process of deliberately manifesting any experience into your reality. This can be used for, or the results can be anything from having more playtime, to having more rainforests, to world peace. Just remember that you cannot create an experience for somebody else, but if enough are asking for the same experience it will be shared and the influence can spread. Also remember that if this process is not working well for you, it is likely the result of unconscious beliefs, mythic, and energetic influences that are sabotaging your efforts. A quick trip to your local shaman for a session and some mythic homework and belief work should help tremendously.

Step 1. Acknowledge and Bless the Contrast

Acknowledge those aspects of your current experience, “reality”, that you do not want, “the contrast“ and decide what you do want, the preferred experience. Part of the acknowledgment is to be grateful for the clarity that the contrast has given you and that overall it enriches your life experience. This is where the great teachings of compassion, unconditioned love, and non-judgment are helpful so that we do not get trapped in the role of victim of the contrasting experience, but instead we recognize our role in creating it for our own benefit and often the benefit of others who have played a role in our contrast or in whose contrast we have played a role.

Step 2. Appreciate what You Can about your Current Experience

Find all the aspects of your current experience that you can appreciate and focus your attention on them. You will know that you are doing this well when you feel good. If you are not feeling good then change whatever you are thinking about, looking at, listening to, acting on, or talking about in that moment until you find that thought, word, action or observation that feels better. It may take some time and effort to work your way from feeling really bad, for example anger, to feeling really good, for example bliss, about any particular subject, but each step makes the next step available. So pat yourself on the back if for example you go from rage to frustrated, or frustrated to pessimistic because the next steps will be hopeful, optimistic, satisfied, cheerful and so on. If you are having trouble working your way up that scale on a particular subject, for example politics, then switch your attention to a completely different subject that you can more easily work up the scale with, relationships for example; because as long as you are feeling better about any subject you are allowing experiences regarding all other subjects to improve for you.

Step 3. Find and Feel the Core of Your Desired Experience

Determine the core of what you really want and start imagining what that experience will feel like. For example, with regards to the subject of relationship, you may at first think you want a particular person to become your partner, but the core of what you want is to experience unconditional love and support, pleasure, laughter, and security with someone that you find attractive. To the extent that you can be more specific about the package your experience will come in without feeling any resistance, then imagine how the specifics will look and feel. If you begin to feel resistance however, then it is essential to back off to a more general experience that feels good.

Step 4. Become Unattached to the Outcome

Release your attachment to receiving what you want. In other words, find the attitude that it is okay if you do not receive what you have asked for so that you can keep your attention focused elsewhere. This is a paradox, but it allows what you want to manifest more quickly. The reason is that if you are noticing that what you have asked for is not here yet, you are essentially asking for the absence of it and canceling out your original feeling-based request or prayer. The Universe takes time to orchestrate all of the synchronicities and events necessary to give you the experience you have asked for.

Step 5. Be Open to the Unexpected

The Universe always delivers the experience you have asked for and it may be in a completely surprising or un-expected way or manifest form. In order to receive the experience that is waiting at your door, it is essential that you remain energetically open to whatever package or mode of delivery it comes in. The best way to do that is by repeating step 2. And remember to go deep within your feelings, your body, and your heart with a sense of self-love and therefore love for all that is, to determine the core of your desire and remain open to the wonder and beauty of this Universal gift. In the meantime, be accepting of all and make the choices and take the actions that feel inspired.


Note that getting into a meditative or quiet state of mind and body and/or the use of rhythmic drumbeats or rattling (4 beats per second), chanting, rhythmic movement, yoga, physical pleasure and relaxation, or other methods of getting into a pleasant altered state of consciousness during or before can greatly increase the effectiveness of aligning your thoughts and emotions with your desired experience.