Luxury, Beauty, Laughter, and Transformation in Peru

Just a few weeks ago, I lead a group of 14 people to Peru for a journey of beauty and connection to the powerful land, people, and culture of Peru – the home of my Q’ero Shaman lineage.  We went around the medicine wheel that Peru naturally offers first with the serpent and jaguar in the jungle, then the hummingbird in the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, and the condors of Colca Canyon.

Everyone in the group connected instantly and deeply with one another, like old friends.  And everyone had the unique experience of ceremony, healing, and destiny retrieval with my shamanic brethren, Don Fransisco, Don Rolando, and the Condor Woman, Vilma.  I look forward to sharing pictures and videos soon of this maiden voyage of Black Book Travel.  The next similar trip I will be leading to Peru with renowned yoga instructor Lisa Rueff, is scheduled for this September 18 – 29.

I wish to share what became and amazing inspired and inspiring part of the trip brought to us by artist Jill Dryer.   She started by illustrating the trip in a notebook  for her two year old son, which then blossomed into a poetic channeling of the essence of what we learned and experienced on the journey.

I will be posting them in subsequent articles.  Stay tuned!

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