In Times of Adversity, Remember Your Primal Nature

It is beautiful to see so much wise and powerful sharing of perspective and encouragement on social media, and I just want to add my little bit of observation to the mix. In my work over the years, I have found it useful to remind my clients of the fact that we have not lost our core primal nature despite recent technologies and outward appearances of society and lifestyle. So it is helpful to come at these problems of crisis and adversity from the perspective of “what would your primal self do?”. And it turns out that we have the tools in the primary shamanic work and all of the great wisdom, psycho-spiritual and medicine traditions from ancient to modern to manage our reactions both internally and externally.

I would often lightheartedly say that it is easier to be a yogi when all is well, but the practices were really meant for times like these. So do all the physical stuff that makes sense, that science elucidates and that ancient and modern technology can help with, and at the same time apply the tools of quieting the mind, thinking and feeling a positive vision of how you would prefer to experience what is going on, and maintain the big picture of souls playing in the theater that has no known end or beginning. Rest in the unknown, relax in the chaos and be that influence for the ones you love and for the collective consciousness.

Nature in all of forms has always been scary and deadly, and comforting and life-giving, and absolutely beautiful in the fullness of its contrast, and you as primal homo sapiens have always been a part of nature and never separate from it. Go to your basic primal self, and remember that your soul has gone through all of this and much worse and much better thousands of times. Food, shelter, clothing, hopefully well -functioning and mostly comfortable body, and interaction near or far with fellow beings from rocks to single cell organisms to fellow sapiens is the wonderful primal life that I hope you can remember and hold in your vision and perspective.

To shamans, nature seeks greater complexity to essentially help consciousness have more experiences in the theater of its creation – and not get bored – and we as homo sapiens have taken that exponentially far and fast in the last several thousand years, so it makes sense that our contrast can be pretty intense, but I hope this helps you with a broader perspective and some calm. My work is to help us be the free and empowered creators in this messy theater and ultimately, no matter the current circumstances, be driven by our vision and dream our experiences of the world in to being. May these times ultimately prove to be a blessing for you, and for greater beauty in your world.

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