How to Use Negative Experiences

Recent Insights – The Good Side of Negative Experiences (Contrast)

There are a few ways to use negative experiences or contrast. One of the first things to consider, is that what seems to be a tragedy today, could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened when you look back some time from now. That is when the shaman calls on Eagle medicine to help give that broad perspective. It also relates to the mastery of time, where time works in your favor. Sit back, relax, and wait to see how this contrast might just lead to something you’ve always wanted.

Secondly, if you are finding yourself completely unmotivated, deliberately expose yourself to greater contrast.  Paying closer attention to what you don’t want, will build the motivation to begin the process of dreaming into being and acting on what you do want.  Some of the more notable examples of this off the top of my head are Mother Theresa and Ghandi.  Mother Theresa was motivated by living among the starving, homeless, and unwanted people in the streets of Calcutta.  Ghandi was initially motivated by experiencing a disturbing act of injustice related to racism and classism as an expatriate lawyer in South Africa.  But obviously what motivates you doesn’t have to turn out to be that big or famous to be valuable.  It just needs to feel good to you to move in the direction that may have a positive impact on that which causes the contrast in front of you.
In addition to creating motivation where it may have been lacking, this exercise also helps you to actually appreciate the contrast for what it is, and become more non-attached to the outcome.  This paradox of course, helps make the work we do to make changes happen even more effective than if we were caught up .  It’s the sweetspot of unattachment, or freedom from influences based on fear or old wounding, and the core desire to be able to give our gifts and have them recieved.   So you get the motivation to take the next steps to address what is in front of you  without being excacerbated or discouraged that things are changing fast enough.

News – Great projects that you or an investor you know may be intersted in.

My friend, conscious businessman, and shaman brother Peter Slaugh is building momentum on a project that I see as an eventual norm in the world that I would dream into being. Check out this video introduction to learn more, and of course he is accepting investors that resonate with this vision.
Urban Village Project

Likewise, momentum is building with the conscious business Everyday Genius Institute that I also see as an important contributor to the shift into a more ideal human experience. I’m happy to help get the word out for interested investors as they begin the process of obtaining funding to expand well beyond this initial phase that I would say has been a wildly successful proof of concept. The potential for their proven approach and future plans to greatly impact the world in many ways is very clear to me. Everyday Genius Institute

Final Note

My own CD’s and book are gaining momentum as well, and good testimonials are rolling in. I greatly appreciate that my work is expanding further into the “mainstream” in this way, and as always I remain open and willing as to where it is leading me. I continue to conduct sessions in Monterey and Big Sur, as well as phone sessions; and always willing to travel where a group is requesting the work.


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