How to Stay Grounded

Are you feeling a solid connection to Source and Earth, and your own body in these interesting times?  Remember that creation/nature is primarily Feminine, with a little Masculine for the contrast.  Maybe 80/20 is close to the balance?  So rely more on your connection to Earth and matter, body, and heart (love and warmth, to self first) to stay solid and healthy both physically and mentally.  Grounded in a very real and physical sense.  Let your skin touch metallic or wet earth often. Pay attention to your body and make sure you are nurturing and enjoying it as much as possible.  Matter and Spirit are not separated nor hierarchical, and you embody both in this great play.   Connection to Spirit or Source is as automatic as the Sun rising everyday – gratitude and faith is all you need there.  Calm the mind, it doesn’t have to figure everything out…

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