How to Put Your Heart Above Your Head

Also, some further insights.  The latest inspiration comes from an abundance of messages and information that are being unveiled to the masses.  A critical part of shifting into the free and powerful heart-centered beings that we really are meant to be is to first face the facts, so to speak.  Veils of delusion, misinformation, non-serving ignorance must fall away to know where are journey begins, or that we even need or want to be on one.  This process of assessing where we really are is happening now on a species-wide level.  As many who have gone through this kind of process know, it’s kind of the worst part.  It’s the initial intervention and first step of twelve-step programs for example.  The latest WikiLeaks is definitely going to be a catalyst, a book coming out by Manfred Max-Neef, called “Economics Unmasked”, the message from Kiesha, Little Grandmother, and too numerous to mention other “in our face expose’s” are now out in the open.   The choice is in our reaction.  We have the opportunity to leap into non-judgment and courage – the head obeying the heart.  We can no longer get a way with staying on the fence and only seeing what we want to see.  But again, we have the choice to come down on the side of compassion and love, which in today’s world requires all the real courage and true allowing that we can muster.

But what do we really mean by love, compassion, and allowing?  What do we mean by putting our heart above our head?  These seem like cliche and esoteric concepts that we’ve heard about forever. Our mind just goes, “whatever”, or “how lovely”, or “isn’t the Dalai Lama awesome?!”.  How do WE actually get there? And quickly, like right now.  Here has been part of the problem, trying to understand and figure it out, read about it, think and contemplate about it keeps you in the head and actually gets in the way.  I was recently reminded by a Hopi elder when he talked about crying. My initial thought when I heard him say that we should be crying for our human condition was “I don’t want to cry, it’s so heavy, I just want to be joyful.”  I missed his point.   Then I was reminded when I saw Kiesha Crowther, Little Grandmother cry during her message, and my eyes teared up.  Then I began to cry from both joyful and sorrowful events that I was personally witnessing or experiencing. This isn’t new obviously; we’ve all cried this way from various life events.  But life has also caused us to surpress many opportunities as well. Our rational approach has dominated and been given more value than emotions for centuries now.  But of course, it is time for that to shift back into balance weighted more towards our feelings and emotions.  So how do we support that in our own lives?  You know that the heart is above the head, when fluid is coming out of your eyes. Period.  Normally we would not have to try to make that happen.  It is natural to cry when sad or overjoyed, both are love.  Both mean that your mind has gotten out of the way long enough to be in a state of simple appreciation – and recognition of a unifying, and therefore automatically compassion filled experience.

Google “Kiesha in Zurich”, and then her “Return of the Ancestors” videos.  Maybe something in there will make you cry; or, maybe not, since everything is not for everybody.  Watch a good tear jerker movie, or a critical sporting event.  I saw a little news clip the other day on CNN about a soldier husband coming back from Afghanistan to surprise his wife and daughter at a football game — I felt the little twinge, then let it out, balling like a baby, then laughed at myself.  Or the clip on a radio show about the older brother’s surprise return from the war to his 5-year old brother’s classroom.  The little boy was completely speechless.  Then someone asked the little one how much he loved his big brother, and his answer was “two-thousand”.  Little things here and there all day long will get you there if you just let them, if you can notice that slight twinge, the moistening eyes, and get back in the “practice” letting yourself go into it.  If your head is busy analyzing and reacting to a story, try closing your eyes, and smiling without moving your lips, or put your hand over your heart.  See if you can feel what is happening right there in your chest.  Try it now:  How does your chest feel right now?  Don’t worry, you won’t lose your mind completely, it will still be there ready to serve.

That turned out to be a little longer than expected, so I will stop here.  Please feel free to contact me with comments or questions, or a list of things to make us cry.  If you would like to book a session or forward this, I look forward to seeing you.  Heartfelt Holidays and 2011!

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