How to Leap and Become One with the Jaguar

And so it is to be entering the blogosphere for the first time here in the Owning Pink community.  This reminds me of two shamanic experiences: one personal, one archetypical.  The personal was my first time deep in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle along the Madre de Dios River (Mother of God – the Pink of all Pinks).  Come to think of it, the whole sky and river are pink there at sunset …but I happily digress.  I don’t particularly like to swim in the official sense, but when I see a body of water, I feel I must get in and play.  Imagine this massive muddy brown river 500 yards wide, enough to support an island in the middle of it with its own ecosystem, flanked by lush chaotic jungle as far as the eye can see, the mind can imagine, and the heart can feel.  At night you hear the Jaguar jumping in the water with its massive splash and deeply echous and guttural breathing.  Cayman rest along the banks, and eagles soar overhead.  You know there are Piranha and other things National Geographic hasn’t even discovered yet.  It’s the Feminine at her most glorious, most unpredictable, most dangerous, and most nurturing.

So we are canoeing back from the Monkey Island in the middle of the Madre de Dios River, and I ask our local guide, Victor, if anyone swims in the river.  He simply said with the biggest warmest smile you’ll ever see, “Yeah, go ahead.”  Which leads me to the second more archetypical shamanic experience, which states that you can be prepared but not ready, and do it anyway.  I would like to elaborate further on that in my next blog about owning our gifts.  Back to the river: I jumped out of the canoe.  The first thing I noticed was that the river was solid brown all the way to the bottom, and the current is deceptively strong.  I was in heaven.  Nothing ate me or chased me; I was in the most glorious mud bath of my life. I LOVED the river, and she LOVED me, so much so that she seemed to eagerly want to take me all the way to Bolivia.  I would have let her if I didn’t think it would worry some people. Not Victor though, somehow I knew that he would just come down in the canoe and pick me up in a couple of hours with that same big smile on his face. But that’s when I began to officially swim like that Olympic dude toward the bank.

At the moment of that leap, I became one with the Jaguar I had heard the night before, one with the Cayman watching from the bank, one with the Piranha, and one with the Eagle.  I wasn’t on the menu; instead I belonged in the Garden. Remembering this for the first time in several thousand years of believing otherwise.  My great muddy pink mother, lover, and friend carried me with her overwhelming power, but I was simply whelmed.  And even if I was on the menu that day, what a way to go!

So I come to this community, and my endeavor to serve by sharing my gifts and receiving yours, the same way I come to the jungle and my shamanic work, prepared but not ready, a little scared, highly respectful, and ready to play in the arms of the powerful, divine, and wise Feminine.  And the Pink that I love in me, and all of you, can also be known as volcanic Red in soothing attire.  Always seeking greater complexity through Nature, beautiful, inspiring, all things rich, sweet, and dramatic, bathed unconditionally by the Masculine Sun to take Creation beyond where it has been before.

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