How to be Decisive, Unattached, and Non-Suffering

Our prayers and condolences go out to the people in Japan and all affected by the events unfolding there and elsewhere.  Mother Nature is doing her thing, and how we perceive it will have everything to do with how we experience it. In the spirit of Spring Equinox, think of a seed being placed into the dark creature laden soil.  You can imagine at first it is thinking “what the heck”!  Soon it sprouts and transforms, and then perhaps understands.   If the events of late and the future possibilities are weighing heavily, let the Earth mulch that for you, and move forward with clarity and decisiveness.

As the Tsunami was approaching our little boat home in Monterey harbor, I had a decision to make to take it out into the Bay out of harms way, or stay in the harbor and hope for the best.  Based on the design and construction of our marina, and the expected wave heights, I decided to stay by a very narrow margin. Then  I got busy doing the dishes the way I like to on the dock.  Once I made my decision and the first waves were minutes away, there was no point in fretting.  It must have looked odd from the people gathered on the shore, but I couldn’t help that.  The point is to make well thought out, and intuitive decisions for your own reasons, then get on with at least the basics of life.  There are always the known variables, the unknown variables, and even unknowable variables.  If the decision fails you in some way, there is less to learn and more to know that we do what we do in any given moment and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, and it will always be that way.

Reflecting on the GE design engineers decisions, who didn’t think of a tsunami taking out the backup generators at the Fukushima nuclear plant, and the subsequent release of extra radioactivity, we do live in a world with people making big decisions in support of our lifestyle. Yes there are real consequences of people’s decisions and actions for themselves and often those around them, but how they are experienced is entirely up to each and every individual.  In other words, nothing outside of us has power over our experiences.  It may even kill us, but how we experience that death or that of another is up to us. And pain just happens as a part of the contrast, and it is okay, and certainly okay to process it fully to its completion, then let it be mulched in the natural process and timing unique to you, and then carry on.  We look forward and continue to work in and toward a sustainable and relatively safer world and lifestyle, while remaining emotionally unburdened by the possibility of radiation and other pollutants or unexpected disasters. Decisive and unattached.  A victim of the pain perhaps, but not of a perpetrator, and chosing non-suffering.  That is the shaman’s way.

Over the last several years, the seeds are scattered, the mulch applied, and now the watering.  I suspect something beautiful will grow out of this.  And my Q’ero teachers say this as well.  It is not too late to choose the seeds you continue to scatter, and choose how your perceive the process.  I encourage you to continue to focus on the ideal destiny and dream that into being.  Acknowledge the pain and suffering, offer what you can to alleviate it, do the work that needs to be done, but choose your perceptions in a way that will support your emotional well being and exemplify for those around you, as well as hold space for the beautiful new growth to come.

I look forward to any questions and comments, and any way that I can help to empower and move us through this gracefully.  Thank you for doing your work and supporting the continuation and growth of this work.

Jon Rasmussen

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